OurLostLibrary Presents Pop Quiz

With a few wonderful and creative friends, I have created a Goodreads Group, Twitter Handle and Instagram page called “OurLostLibrary”. The focus of this group is to bring awareness to older books (1995-2015) that we all might have forgotten about.

In my online bookish journey, I found that people are always talking about the newest and most hyped books. This is for a very good reason, they’re new! We want to read them before anyone else and give our thoughts before anyone else. This increases the chances of us being viewed. If you read an older book and post a review….it’s old news. No one reads/watches that review…or so I’ve experienced. I want to change that!!!

The goal of our group is to bring together a community of people who do read new books, but also celebrate older books. We will bring them to your attention and when you want a “new” read and the bestsellers aren’t doing it…come check out our gems! Older books need love too! They could have been shadowed by bigger releases or maybe they were talked about a lot before you joined the bookish community. Now you will learn about them!! Make sense? Please join us if it does! Find us @OurLostLibrary!!!

Now, onto our game!!! I created Pop Quiz as a fun way to interact with each other, share our content and have a few laughs! It’s a monthly game and all details can be found on our Goodread page. Here are the introductory questions! These can be done at any time!!

1. Why did you join our group? Name the first book that came to mind when you joined?

I created the group with my friends because I wanted to still be apart of the bookish community, even if I was reading the books people were no longer reading. The first book that came to mind was The Kind Worth Killing by Peter Swanson. It’s from 2015. It’s a psychological thriller and it sounds captivating! I got it for my birthday and I’m about ready to start it! Woo Hoo!

2. What is your favorite book genre? Find 3 books that fit that description.

I have struggled with this because it’s not necessarily the entire genre that I like. I like Mystery. I don’t like cops searching for a bad guy, political conspiracy books, or anything involving the justice system. LOL! I like anything with a juicy mystery running through it. It could be a Cozy Mystery, a Paranormal YA book, or something creepy like YOU by Caroline Kepnes. I love questions and I love trying to answer them! So, I’d say Victoria Laurie’s Ghost Hunters Series, The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater and You!

3. Name a character from a book that has a similar personality to you.

I struggle with this, because book characters are so much cooler than me! lol I’m bubbly like a Sophie Kinsella character. I’m stubborn like Scarlet from the Lunar Chronicles. I’m definitely as goofy as Ron Weasley. LOL! Lastly, I’m a loyal as Blue to her boys.

4. Find a book with a story that you would like to play a role in.

Inkheart by Cornelia Funke!! I want to go inside a book. I want my words to create magical elements. Yes, Please!

5. Find a book with a character that experienced something you experienced. (anything no matter how great or small)

I don’t want to give away any plot elements, but in Robin Hobb’s Assassin’s Apprentice Fitz shared some cool moments with his dog. I do not have the Wit, sadly, but I was very close to my childhood dog. She was 7wks when I was 7yrs old. She was with me through play, dark spooky nights, and growing up into a young adult. We bonded. On the night she died, I received a dream. In it, my lil puppy…now 15, passed away. I woke up and knew it was her Goodbye to me. I was greeted at my bedroom door by my family….they informed me she was gone. I already knew though, didn’t I? I’ll never forget her and though I’ve loved dogs since….they’ve never truly compared.

Well, that’s it!!!

These questions go a little deeper than I’d normally go, but this is a get to know you quiz!

Please join our group and post your answers on Social Media to spread the word! Use “OurLostLibrary Presents Pop Quiz”, @OurLostLibrary, #OurLostLibrary. Please remember all books must fit the 1995-2015 timeline to qualify. It’s what we are all about! 🙂 Thanks for playing and I’m excited to see your answers! Please find the July tab in the Pop Quiz folder to also try our July Pop Quiz!!!


2 thoughts on “OurLostLibrary Presents Pop Quiz

  1. These were great questions. I enjoyed your answers. I kind of missed reading the Raven boy’s with you ladies this year. Maybe we should do a reread next year.

    I love that most of my TBR fits into this category of 1995-2015

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes! We definitely need to do a reread in the future! That was so much fun! In fact, maybe we choose one book a year and do a group buddy read!!!😁

    I’m so excited that you joined and your books fit well! This is gonna be fun for all of us!


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