OurLostLibrary May Lost-A-Thon

Lost-A-Thon is BACK for one more read-a-thon!!! In what might be our final read-a-thon, *sniff sniff* join us to celebrate all of the fun and madness that OurLostLibrary has to offer!

This read-a-thon begins May 1st and ends May 31st! Thats right! As always, we give you a full MONTH to finish those books! No pressure here! Lol!

Join us for an epic theme of Good vs Evil! We will have #OLLDailyGoals that fit the theme and #OLLBOOKCHAT questions that make you think about your Light and Dark sides! Muahahaa!

The basic rules: Choose 5 challenges from our bookshelf board. They can be any 5 challenges and dont have to go in bingo order. Challenges are stackable. So if a book meets 2 challenges, that book counts for BOTH! Woo hoo! Use the hashtag #OurLostLibrary on all of your posts so we can find you! Dont forget to post a video or blog post or even an IG post showing us your tbr! We want to spread the exciting news! Lastly, post a follow up video/post to tell us book reviews! We want to know what you thought of each and every read! Ready??

Find us over on Twitter for more info and all the rules in detail! For now, I leave you with our challenge details!

Good vs Evil:
– No Time For Romance- A book with no romance OR unconventional romance
– Stand Alone- a book thats not apart of a series
– Responsible: Bargain Book-book purchased on sale
– Caring About Others- a book about friendship, a self-help book about being a better version of you, a person risking it all to save someone/something, etc.
– Friendship: Buddy Read-read with a friend
– Sacrifice: Quick Read- any form of short book
– Hero Story- a Hero saving the world (any genre)
– Kids Save The World- middle grade book
– Dream- your dream book, a book about someone achieving their dreams, etc
– Good In The Title- the word Good
– Outside Comfort Zone- a book you normally wouldnt read or a book that may make you uncomfortable
– New To You Author
– Thriller/Mystery
– Romance
– Lusted Over Book-a book you are dying to read OR use the word Lust literally (lust in the books title, a book in the romance genre, etc)
– Gluttony: Books in a Series- a book thats apart of a long series OR use the word Gluttony literally (someone buying in excess or eating in excess, etc)
– Greed: Expensive Book-the most expensive book you currently own OR use the word Greed literally (a book about money/wealth/power, money on the cover, etc)
– Pride: Autobiography-not yours!😂 or a book about Pride/Pride in the title, etc
– Envy: Friends Fave Book or a book about Envy/Envy in the title, etc
– Sloth: Longest Book You Own or a book all about sloths😂
– Wrath: Villian Story- a villians backstory, a book with an epic villian, your favorite villian, or a morally gray character
– Monsters, Oh My!- any kind of monster or beast can be found between these pages
– Nightmare- a book about something you are afraid of or a book that will scare you or Nightmare in the title😈
– Evil In The Title-the word Evil

HAVE FUN!! A9FB68B1-8305-4EE6-9D56-7E7EBB1C6CB3.jpeg