Rule #1 & 2020

Hey friends! I know, its been awhile! So I bet you didnt know that I flaked out this year. Yes, I completed my Goodreads Goal, but lets not pretend I gave myself a high number. Lol! I also said I was going to be keeping a Reading Journal. Well, that lasted until March. EPIC FAIL! What about me doing more blogging? Haha Nope! All around, I pretty much failed my goals lol So, what do I do now, you ask? Aaahh well that’s easy! I pretend 2019 didn’t happen and move on to 2020!!

Rule #1 To Being Me: Massively Underestimate How Much Work Something Is And Sign Yourself Up Only To Fail! Lol Bullet Journaling requires commitment and a brain that actually remembers stuff. I THINK I recall people warning me of this. Did I listen? Of course not. I was in creative mode and I was EXCITED! Until March, apparently. Waahh waahh waaah.

So this year, Im going SMALL! You heard it first! I am going to keep my Goodreads Goal at 20 again this year. I am going to read whatever the heck I want with no pressure. If I feel like DNFing a book, walking away for a bit or not reading at all…Im doing it people! I am going to take the pressure off myself and just do whatever makes me happy in the moment.

I think being apart of this bookish community is one of the best things that ever happened to me. I also feel, however, that it puts a lot of pressure on us. People are churning through books and Im still on page 1. People are doing readathon after readathon and I cant complete 1. (Except my own cuz I make it so easy. Go OLL!!) People read all the latest books and post reviews and I feel so far behind. Or Buddy Reads where I feel like I hold people back because life gets in the way of my reading. Does this happen to you?

For 2020, I vow to take it easy. I am going to keep my reading light and fun like it should be. Sometimes you just wanna get lost in a video game instead of a book and thats ok.

If its Halloween, I dont HAVE to read spooky books to be apart of the readathons. I can read them whenever and I can read fantasy in October. It will be ok!

I am a mood reader. Sometimes that mood makes me wanna follow an awesome readathons theme. It motivates me! Sometimes, thats just added pressure I put on myself so that I can join the group. Then I suffer tremendous burnout.

But ya know what that does? It takes all the fun out of reading. Reading becomes an obligation or a chore. Its yet another thing this Mommy has to squeeze into her busy day and not something this Mommy escapes to anymore. “I must read this many pages!” “I have to finish this book by Wed so I can start this one!” Enough!

These are my 2020 Goals. If you read this and you wanna join me in my goals, please let me know! I need to hold myself accountable this year. I dont want to look back on 2020 and be disappointed. I want to look back, remember all that I enjoyed and be proud of myself!

2020 Reading Goals:

1. Read whatever I want, whenever I want. No matter the time of year, if it looks appealing, I pick it up!
2. Stick with my Reading Journal but keep it simple. I would like to look back and see what Ive accomplished. So I need to stick to this goal. Last year, I made it quite extensive and so I quit. This year, I will keep it easy. Wish me luck!
3. Avoid the Hype Train. I have been doing pretty good at this goal during 2019 and I want to keep it up. I need to really make smart choices before purchasing ANY new books. Just because I loved the last book, doesnt mean this one wont be a disappointment. Wait it out. Watch for solid reviews.
4. Quitting is ok. If a book just isnt doing it for me, put it down. Maybe I will come back to it. Maybe I wont. I just cant force myself to read anymore.
5. Participate in chats, reviews and Booktube/Blogs. I have lost touch this past year. As the months went on, it just got worse. I wanna know whats out there and I want to be more engaged with friends who bring me joy!
6. Lastly, buy books on sale. Again, I did VERY well this year. This is a goal I want to keep up. Only the most prized of books will be preordered or purchased soon after release date. Why? Cuz this girl is broke and I spend too much on books that end up disappointing me.

Well, I think that’s it! I want to take it light and easy in 2020. I want to enjoy reading and avoid slumps. Wish me luck!

OurLostLibrary May Lost-A-Thon

Lost-A-Thon is BACK for one more read-a-thon!!! In what might be our final read-a-thon, *sniff sniff* join us to celebrate all of the fun and madness that OurLostLibrary has to offer!

This read-a-thon begins May 1st and ends May 31st! Thats right! As always, we give you a full MONTH to finish those books! No pressure here! Lol!

Join us for an epic theme of Good vs Evil! We will have #OLLDailyGoals that fit the theme and #OLLBOOKCHAT questions that make you think about your Light and Dark sides! Muahahaa!

The basic rules: Choose 5 challenges from our bookshelf board. They can be any 5 challenges and dont have to go in bingo order. Challenges are stackable. So if a book meets 2 challenges, that book counts for BOTH! Woo hoo! Use the hashtag #OurLostLibrary on all of your posts so we can find you! Dont forget to post a video or blog post or even an IG post showing us your tbr! We want to spread the exciting news! Lastly, post a follow up video/post to tell us book reviews! We want to know what you thought of each and every read! Ready??

Find us over on Twitter for more info and all the rules in detail! For now, I leave you with our challenge details!

Good vs Evil:
– No Time For Romance- A book with no romance OR unconventional romance
– Stand Alone- a book thats not apart of a series
– Responsible: Bargain Book-book purchased on sale
– Caring About Others- a book about friendship, a self-help book about being a better version of you, a person risking it all to save someone/something, etc.
– Friendship: Buddy Read-read with a friend
– Sacrifice: Quick Read- any form of short book
– Hero Story- a Hero saving the world (any genre)
– Kids Save The World- middle grade book
– Dream- your dream book, a book about someone achieving their dreams, etc
– Good In The Title- the word Good
– Outside Comfort Zone- a book you normally wouldnt read or a book that may make you uncomfortable
– New To You Author
– Thriller/Mystery
– Romance
– Lusted Over Book-a book you are dying to read OR use the word Lust literally (lust in the books title, a book in the romance genre, etc)
– Gluttony: Books in a Series- a book thats apart of a long series OR use the word Gluttony literally (someone buying in excess or eating in excess, etc)
– Greed: Expensive Book-the most expensive book you currently own OR use the word Greed literally (a book about money/wealth/power, money on the cover, etc)
– Pride: Autobiography-not yours!😂 or a book about Pride/Pride in the title, etc
– Envy: Friends Fave Book or a book about Envy/Envy in the title, etc
– Sloth: Longest Book You Own or a book all about sloths😂
– Wrath: Villian Story- a villians backstory, a book with an epic villian, your favorite villian, or a morally gray character
– Monsters, Oh My!- any kind of monster or beast can be found between these pages
– Nightmare- a book about something you are afraid of or a book that will scare you or Nightmare in the title😈
– Evil In The Title-the word Evil

HAVE FUN!! A9FB68B1-8305-4EE6-9D56-7E7EBB1C6CB3.jpeg

ORIGINAL Booktuber Assortment Tag

I heard recently from a very kind and pretty cool woman that people are like a bag of candy. There are big ones. There are small ones. There are round ones and long skinny ones. They are all so different and yet they all taste just as sweet. Today I bring you the ORIGINAL Booktuber Assortment Tag. Get it? Like an assorted bag of candy???

This Tag was designed for a couple purposes. It helps us take a look at who we are watching and how diverse our favorite booktubers really are. It will also hopefully introduce you to booktubers who may not ordinarily get mentioned & whom you missed out on in the past! 🙂 If something like this has been done before & I missed it, does it really hurt to have another? Also, please feel free to name a bunch of booktubers for each answer if you have more than one! So let’s do this and gain some new fave’s!

1. Booktuber who introduced you to booktube? (The one who made you start watching or want to join) I have said this often, but it’s Sam from Thoughts On Tomes. I viewed a couple other channels and found them interesting enough. I really related to Sam though. I felt she was genuine and I really enjoyed how she reviewed a book. There were clear, concise reasons for liking or disliking a book that I could understand. She wasn’t overly peppy and in my face lol She was chill and real and I needed to be apart of this world immediately. I feel like she’s one of the most relatable people in this community no matter how high her sub count goes and is so open/accepting of all people…that is why she’s so loved. Am I right?
2. Favorite Male Booktuber. Off the top of my head, I’d say Dustin from BookBabbles and Connor from Connor O’Brien. Dustin is the nicest guy. He’s the guy you want to befriend and share all things Star Trek and nerdy with! Lol! His reviews have a way of making me feel so freaking excited to read whatever he’s talking about and his IG dessert pics make me salivate. Lol TMI! He makes me laugh, I love to hear his thoughts, and he’s someone to treasure!! Connor is a bigger name, I believe. I respect Connor immensely. Connor is my go-to Middle Grade reviewer. He reads far more than just MG, but when I really need an opinion on MG he’s the one I trust. So far, he hasn’t led me astray. He has similiar opinions to mine and his reviews really sum up exactly what I need to know. Honestly, I don’t think I purchase a MG book without his rating first…I just realized this but it’s true!
3. New Booktuber Recommendation (started in the past year) I’m having serious internet issues right now, just posting this is going to be a nightmare.(It has!! 3rd attempt and going strong) So, I can’t exactly fact check this as much as I’d prefer to. That said, Im choosing Cassie from Cassie’s Bookish Corner. I love her channel. I discovered her through twitter months ago and I’m really glad that I did. Shes a mom like me and so I found her very relatable. She chooses books that I enjoy and her reviews are top notch! I very much respect her opinions and Im lucky to have found her.
4. Favorite Booktuber Who Is A Person Of Color. Raul from LatinLector!!! I started watching Raul’s channel pretty early on. I enjoy the same books that he does and when he reviews a book, he’s really relatable. (Thats a common theme for me, if u cant tell) He gives me enough detail to make a decision of my own. His videos are laid back, like you are visiting an old friend and asking them “Hey, whats that book over there on your shelf?” He’s an overall very nice man and his dogs are so cute! Lol He also reviews books written in spanish! So if that appeals to you, give him a shot!
5. Favorite Booktuber Who Has 2k-6k Subscribers. This is hard for me, because I have sooo many. I believe that the immensely fabulous Sarah-Jane from TheBookLife is in this category. There’s no way you cant love Sarah-Jane. Her wit is inspiring. Shes intelligent, her commentary leaves me in stitches, and when she doesnt like a book shes going to let you know. Lol! Shes such a pleasure and the nicest person! Plus, Jericho Barrons for life! Lol! Also, there are my TwoPaperGirls!! Laura and Amy have been raved about quite a bit by me. Hehe I just adore these ladies. They are sweet as pie and their videos are such a joy to watch. I love most when they chat together and you feel like you are apart of their click. Lol! Its hard to explain, but I simply cannot recommend them both enough! Lastly, because I cant name 100 people, I choose to name these names and PLEASE go check them out. Harriet Rosie is fabulous! Cherrie Walker is delightful!! April Sarah is a joy to watch! StarCrossedBooks is a friend I cherish!
6. Favorite Booktuber Who Is A Woman of Color. Another hard one!! Ok, Ill try and narrow this down, because Ive found some real treasures! First of all, lets start with Frankie from FrankieReads. A list of faves would not be complete without talking about one of the most inspirational and phenomenal people I have had the pleasure of knowing. Frankie is such a joy that I cant even type this without getting emotional. Im such a baby! Lol! Ok, Frankie has pulled me up when Im feeling low, has a way with words that I would never be able to articulate. Frankie’s that person that says just the right thing at the right time and you feel so blessed to know this person. If you need a positive ray of unending sunshine, someone who has a bigger obsession with bookish candles than I know what to do with (I love this so much! Lol), someone who can recommend you a book and you instantly need to have it NOW because their enthusiasm is so infectious, someone who will touch your heart, its Frankie. Next up, Ashley from BookishRealm!! Ashley is the inspiration behind this Tag, but I adore this lady! Ashley’s videos are like this…You Go over to your bookish best friends house, grab a mug of hot chocolate, and say “Girl, I need a good book!” Get cozy and enter Ashley, friend extraordinaire. Her videos are just that! They are cozy and friendly chats about books. You nod your head “Yes, girl!” You laugh (check out her Vlogmas intros as she sings! Lol Love it!) You get an honest opinion about books AND she reads pretty much every genre I can think of. Seriously!! Children’s Picture Books, Chapter Books, Middle Grade, YA, Graphic Novels, Adult and every genre! I consider her channel to be one of my favorites and Im thankful to know her via Booktube. Last but not least, Jade from BedtimeBookworm. I cannot tell you how much I enjoy Jade’s reviews. Honestly, Theres something special about her writing(via her blog) and how it envelopes you. I am pulled in with her words and how shes describes each element of a book via blog or video. I honestly strive to be the reviewer that she is and know that I probably never will be. I trust her opinions 100% and her review will instantly make or break me picking up a book. She covers all areas that I need to know without at all spoiling story plots. They are well thought out and concise impressions and I cant stop gushing! Lol
7. Booktuber who has over 10k subscribers but deserves more. Sam from SamsNonsense wouldnt you agree? I cannot repeat her name enough. She is one of the sweetest, funniest, most heartfelt and entertaining booktubers out there. I relate to her on many levels and shes never anything but herself. If I dont check in with a Sam video, I feel like I missed a chat with my best friend. Shes so interactive and genuine with her followers and she really puts her heart out there for all of us to see. When she reviews a book, you get nothing but honesty even if that book was just shipped to her by the publisher. I admire her for it.
8. Favorite Booktuber For Positive LGBTQ+ Representation. Sylwia from WishFulfillment is my FAVORITE!! Sylwia has the greatest format for reviewing books. Off the top of my tired brain, I cannot quote her criteria with any accuracy lol I can say that she notes if the book has positive representation, problematic content and how does it cover the subject matter (shes totally going to laugh at my dumbed down explanation right now, I just know it! Lol) She delivers such important information in such a wonderous, humorous tone. I laugh hysterically at some of her unscripted videos and even the scripted ones make you giggle at her incredible personality. So, you get this much needed information, as well as some humor. Whats there not to love? Her wrapped books idea is GENIUS! Shes an asset to your sub list.
9. The Booktuber who best represents your reading preferences. I choose all of the above. How about you?

Note: I chose POC vs WOC so that men or people who identify as anything besides female, can be represented. If you don’t know of any POC besides women, you may include another woman. Please check out other people’s tags to find some though! There are so many quality WOC on this platform that I felt they needed their own category so they didn’t have to compete with men, etc.

Also, while our sexual preferences or the color of our skin are not specific reasons to watch our content, they can open people up to new books/opportunities that they may have missed out on. One of my fave Booktubers reviews books looking for problematic content/positive representation/etc. Some reviewers find books that best represent what they look like, as they should. We can hear about those books and read them too! These are reviewers we should strive to include in our daily/weekly/monthly viewing. You can never learn another persons perspective or open yourself up to new ideas if you keep those doors closed. Let’s throw those doors OPEN!

If you have found any reason to be offended with this tag, as it mentions sensitive content, I apologize. Please speak to me kindly and leave a comment letting me know why so I can rectify the situation. If I am met with any hostility, I’m sorry but I won’t be responding to that. Your opinion will be read and respected though.

I apologize for no Links. If you had any idea the nightmare I have went through in order to post this…omg. This is the 3rd time I’ve written this and this round…I’m hand texting it. I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to read this! After all this drama, I’m beat! I need some serious chocolate! Lol!

I hope this Tag grows, as many of mine do not lol. I hope that it remains positive and channels grow with subscribers. Good Luck!

To those of you mentioned and those of you not, if Im subscribed to you, I value you! Your voice is important and thank you for sharing with all of us, especially me. Im so thankful for being apart of this community and wish I could show it more.

SamsNonsense Presents The Ultimate Christmas Tag

I bring you SamsNonsense’s The Ultimate Christmas Tag!!!! Insert trumpet sounds here! I sadly cannot include a link right now, because my internet sucks. I will however link Sam’s Twitter info to the Tweet about this post! Sorry, to Sam 😦 She is AMAZING and her video made me laugh so hard! It’s absolutely worth a quick little search! Then, subscribe. Then, watch all of her videos. Then come thank me for referring you to her goodness. LOL! ON WITH THE SHOW!!!

    1. What is your favorite Christmas Tradition/Routine? My traditions have changed a lot over the past few years, sadly. One that my husband and I started still remains. Every Christmas Eve, we watch The Muppets Christmas Carol, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation and Bill Murray’s Scrooged. I refer to me “watching” Scrooged lightly, because in all reality I always fall asleep! Lol My husband has given up on me! haha
    2. Favorite Christmas Book (Or one you want to read) I don’t think I have a favorite Christmas book. I usually just choose 2 or 3 Christmas themed titles and read them over the course of December. I’ve always wanted to read The Christmas Carol though. I’ve never actually done it, as classics are for smarter people that I. Lol!
    3. First Christmas Memory I’m trying so hard to remember anything besides running down the steps, seeing a Christmas tree surrounded by presents on Christmas morning! Haha That’s all I’ve got, I think. It’ll come to me after I post this, you watch! I’ve got it!!!! I remember jamming out at the top of my little lungs to Feliz Navidad!! It was this Sesame Street on Ice kinda movie. I don’t know, but I remember LOVING that song before I had any clue what it meant! Haha At the end, the Sesame Street characters came out on an ice skating rink and sang the song. Good Times!
    4. Favorite gift you’ve ever received. I have a doll that I received my very first Christmas. I still have her and she’s a most prized possession. I also have the Kindle my Dad bought me before he passed away last year. I’ll never let anything happen to this Kindle, no matter what. He knew how much I needed one and he chose the cover, the carrying case, went over all the details with me so I would love it. It’s special.
    5. Your Go-To genre to read at Christmas I usually go with “Hallmark” style lol I’ve tried Christmas Mysteries and they never give me the warm fuzzies Christmas does, ya know? So I end up going with the sappy stuff. That said, I’m SUPER picky. I don’t want some shallow, no depth kinda book. Yes, they exist. Some authors churn out holiday book after holiday book. They all have the same exact formula and anyone could have written it. Boring! I need to be entertained. I need to laugh. I need great characters. No sadness!
    6. Is there a holiday tradition you’ve never tried but want to? I have never cut down my own Christmas tree. In fact, I’ve never had a real Christmas tree. It’s always been a fake one. I think it would be cool to have a real one, just once. Yet, I’ve heard you’ve gotta water it! Yikes! You need to watch out for needles dropping! Oh my! So see, I’ve already talked myself out of it! lol
    7. Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? Year ago, I would have said Christmas Eve. My family had an incredible family tradition on Christmas Eve and it was something I looked forward to every year. That no longer happens, so I think I’m going to say Christmas Day with my Lil One. Seeing the joy on your child’s face when Santa brings them a toy is priceless.
    8. Favorite Ornament? Ooo this is tricky! I have ornaments that children made me when I was a preschool teacher. Those mean a great deal to me. I have this incredible ornament of Ariel and Prince Eric spinning in the boat. You know the one, “Kiss The Girl”!! I have sentimental attachments to every single one. I just can’t choose!
    9. Favorite Christmas movie & Least Favorite Christmas movie. Favorite Christmas Movie is either Muppet Christmas Carol or Claymations Christmas, but probably Muppets. Least Favorite Christmas movie is The Christmas Story. I get bored every single time I watch it. I’m so sorry. People are not going to like that answer! haha
    10. Online shopping or In-Store? In Store. I just like browsing and choosing the perfect gift. You can’t hold something online and so, sometimes that doesn’t work for me. Though online sales are perfection! lol
    11. Favorite Christmas Song & Least Favorite Christmas Song. Favorite Christmas Song is tricky. I have quite a few, ask my husband lol I may play them on repeat starting in November. Yes, I’m THAT person. I love the Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers Once Upon a Christmas cd. I’m dating myself here, but it’s just not Christmas until I’m listening to that cd. So anything from that CD is a fave. I also really love Kelly Clarkson’s Christmas CD. Wrapped in Red and Winter’s Dream being among my fave songs. I love Mariah Carey’s Christmas CD and Boyz II Men and…I should stop myself now. My favorite classic is and always will be Silent Night. Least Favorite songs, also so many to name. Lol! Blue Christmas by Elvis, is boring and sad. I think Silver Bells is boring. I’m not a huge fan of Merry Christmas Darling it’s so slow. There’s a theme here, you see it? I don’t do slow lol
    12. Favorite Christmas Flavor. If you know me, you know the answer to this one! It’s Chocolate. When isn’t it chocolate you ask? Never. It’s always chocolate! Lol! I do however love Peppermint Bark and that’s Christmas! Chocolate, yum!






I tag Jody from @That_One_Girl_Who_Reads. Has @FrankieReads done this yet? I need those answers too! Lol I’d love to see anyone from #OurLostLibrary do this Tag! Please show me!!

Bookish & Invisible

I know that some incredible talents in the book community have doubted their channels. I’ve heard them say that their follower counts are down or not moving. I think no matter how big or small we are, we doubt ourselves.

Today, I discovered one of my favorite booktubers doing a Book Tag. I watched with a knot in my stomach as an idea I had back in January was being done under someone else’s name. This is NOT to say that the Tag Creator stole my idea. I don’t know this person and I have no clue if they know me or saw my idea.

I do know, that I worked really hard to come up with an idea that spanned all kinds of bookish people. I do know, when I promoted the crap outta this idea, I got no feedback. I gave up on it. It was discouraging.

Now, today, to see someone I greatly admire having the time to do “my” idea but I’m not able to bask in the incredibleness of it. (Yep, pretty sure I made up a word there lol) It was devastating. I felt crushed.

I often blame myself when my games or ideas don’t take off. I think I should be tweeting more. Should I have tagged people, but couldn’t that end up annoying people too? What if people are just busy and I’m being pushy? What if my idea just sucks and no one is interested?

Today, I saw that my idea was freakin awesome just as I knew it was. It’s a hit! People love it! Yet, it went nowhere for me and blew up big for them. It’s disheartening.

I’m not sure how I continue on. I do have OurLostLibrary. In fact, that’s where I pitched this invisible but epic idea. Sometimes my/friends ideas do well, like a Readathon. Sometimes, like now, my OLLGoesFestive thing flops.

I’ve been told I have good ideas, but no one does them. So, I guess they aren’t that good? Or are they only good if I was a known booktuber? Maybe that’s not fair, but I feel like I’d do so much better if I could booktube it myself. I can’t though, so I pitch it. I put it out there and hope that people like it. I don’t wanna be a HUGE name in this community, I just wanna be a name. I wanna be proud that I came up with a cool game that everyone took part in. We all had fun. I laughed and smiled while people tried it out. It would be so epic!

Instead, I feel invisible. There are so many amazing people that follow me. They have no idea the joy they bring me from Liking/RTing/Commenting on one little tweet. Yet, it really impacts me. It can bring a smile to my face when times are down or give me strength when I don’t have it. I try my best to do the same for them. To show them how much I appreciate them. To them, I wish I could do more.

As far as feeling invisible, it comes from the content I put out and the very minimal feedback I receive. I don’t know why my idea flopped until someone else pitched it. Either way, it hurts and I’m not sure how to change that.

Do you feel invisible when it comes to your content?

Christmas Loss

I was feeling some emotions today and I decided to just let them out. Please dont mind me as this may get a little rambly lol

Last December I lost my Dad. He was the heart of my family and I was the epitome of a Daddys girl. I guess I still am, right? Anyway, he loved Christmas. He loved everything about it and so losing him at Christmas time couldnt have been harder. Everywhere I turn, every song on the radio it just screams my Dad. I want to call him up and telling him about my neighbors awesome display, but I cant.

The dynamics in my family changed after losing him too. I was always a black sheep but he was my shephard pulling me back into the flock when I just wanted peace. Without him, things have gotten bad with my family. Ive never felt so misunderstood or as though my feelings were so unimportant. Anyway, its been a challenge.

This year, Im trying to find my way and deal with the grief of last year. It comes on me like waves and today they are crashing down without warning.

Has anyone else felt this before? Have you lost someone during the holidays? How do you cope?

I am running a Bookish Challenge with OurLostLibrary to keep myself busy. I am hoping it will trigger the warm, happy feelings Christmas usually brings out in me. I want to stay as positive as I can. The last year has been one of my worst and I just want to be the happy, bubbly person I once was. I miss that person. Sometimes I see glimpses of her in the mirror, but then shes gone. Im not sure how to achieve this goal exactly but I know finding what makes me happy is a great start. OLL makes me happy. This community makes me soooo happy. I couldnt be more grateful for all of you.

If you can relate, please let me know! Everyone experiences loss and everyone handles it differently. I feel like sharing some of my story could help others know they arent the only one. Maybe someone can help me too?

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Lost-A-Thon Challenges

Did you miss my big announcement? Well have no fear! The info is now here!

Starting April 1st until April 30th, my friends & I will be hosting Lost-A-Thon! It’s a ReadAThon for our group #OurLostLibrary (find us on twitter, our Goodreads Group or instagram). We would love if you would join us! It’s open to everyone (you don’t have to join OLL to participate) & rules are listed in a previous post here on my blog.

Now to the challenges and their explanations!

Lost-A-Thon Challenges:

1. Book Collecting Cobwebs- this is the book that you’ve had on your shelf forever. The one you always mean to pick up, but never do.
2. 500+ pages- a book in any format that says its over 500 pages.
3. Less Than 250- a book that’s under 250 pages. This includes graphic novels, novellas, manga, you name it! If it’s under 250, go for it!
4. Jumped Out At You- this is a challenge for casual readathoners. This challenge means you can read any book that appeals to you at the moment. Are you an emotional reader like me? This is the challenge for you.
5. Library Book- a book that you borrowed from your local library
6. Favorite Author- do you have one? Read one of their books!
7. Retelling- any type of retelling counts. It doesn’t have to be a fairytale but I can’t think of any other examples lol
8. Diverse Book- this means a main character who is different from you & showing you experiences you will never experience yourself.
9. Book From A Series- this can be book 1 or book 5. As long as its apart of a series, it counts!
10. Book With Magic- I love magic! Does your book have any form of magic/magical elements? It counts!
11. Buddy Read- Read with a friend! Maybe your friend isn’t participating in Lost-A-Thon? That’s ok! As long as you buddy read it!
12. Favorite of a Friend- has a friend been bugging you to read a particular book on your shelf? Now’s the time to do them proud and pick it up!
13. Free Choice- read anything you want and it counts as a completed challenge!
14. Book You Got On Sale- Did you buy a book from Bookoutlet? Find a book at a sale? Get a great Kindle deal? Those books count here!
15. Mystery or Thriller- Does it have a mystery element? Is it creepy and thriller-ish? It counts!
16. Beautiful Cover- pretty cover buys included here.
17. Female Author- the author must be female. This does include if a man & woman co-wrote a book.
18. Recently Added To Your Shelf- did you purchase a book in the past couple weeks and place it on your shelf? You can count it! You are not required to read really old books 🙂
19. New To You Author- An author you have never read before. Hope you love them!
20. Re-read- reading a book for the second, third or fifth time? This is the challenge for you!
21. Middle Grade Book- I really love middle grade books for readathons. They go so quickly and give you a sense of accomplishment. So go for it!
22. Bestseller- this needs to be a best selling book via any website or written on the cover
23. Award Winner- this book needs to win some awards lol yeah, thats all Ive got. If it won any type of award, it counts.
24. Author From Outside The USA- it’s always good to support authors from all over the world. Now’s your chance!
25. Book Written By 2 Authors- 2 authors must co-write this book. If 2 names are on the cover, I’d count it.

I hope you love our challenges and have a great time! This is all about fun and flexibility! Lost-A-Thon is a no pressure readathon (because those are our favorites).

As previously explained in my last post, you only need to complete 5 challenges to complete a bookshelf (win!). Oh and they are stackable! (You can read 1 book that meets 2 or more challenges!) Good Luck & let us know if you are joining in!

#OurLostLibrary’s Lost-A-Thon

I posted this Read-A-Thon announcement on Twitter Saturday evening. I wanted to share it with all of my fabulous followers so you can join in!

Find more info @ourlostlibrary on twitter and please come join us! Here’s the info!

“Starting In April!!!!😁☺️

Welcome to #OurLostLibrary’s
Lost-A-Thon where you create your own personal bookshelf! Choose 5 Challenges from our Bookshelf Board (at random) and complete them for the win!

It takes 5 “books” (challenges) to complete a shelf. If you would like to fill multiple shelves, you can!☺️

This is a Month Long Read-A-Thon. So sit back & enjoy! Here are the rules…

1. #OurLostLibrary is all about making old books new again. So for this Read-A-Thon, choose books already on your shelf or from your local library.
2. Post your TBR on social media using Booktube, your Blog or Instagram. (We will also be hosting Book Chats on Twitter) Don’t forget the hashtag #OurLostLibrary Lost-A-Thon so we can find out what you are reading, catch your updates & spread the wtord!
3. Challenges ARE stackable. This means that 1 book could meet 2 or more challenges!😍 We want this to be as FUN & EASY as possible!
4. You don’t have to be following @ourlostlibrary to join in. Of course we WANT you to follow 😂 but you don’t need to be. Everyone is included.
5. Lastly, create a Wrap-Up video or post book reviews for each book you complete. Use the hashtag #OurLostLibrary so we can find them. The idea behind this…so we can easily find book reviews for “older” books. By typing in one simple hashtag, they will all be at our fingertips. Now we can find our next favorite book!
Thanks for joining us!! Stay tuned for further updates!☺️💕”

My TBR is coming soon!!

My New Life: Changes & Growth

If you don’t follow me on Twitter, you may have missed the news that my Dad passed away the beginning of December. Even now, it’s almost impossible for me to be typing these words. Let’s sum it up as…I was the epitome of a Daddy’s Girl and my life will never be the same.

Thus begins “My New Life.”

There are many ways to begin this post, but I will start by saying that I’m about to put my heart on this page. If you want to skip the sappy stuff, scroll down to my Games and take a look. If you want to know more about me…here ya go!

As of right now, and hopefully to change, I am a stay at home mom. My dad was my rock and now he is gone. I don’t have a set direction for my life and that makes it incredibly difficult. I thrive on lists and plans…I don’t have one.

So I throw myself into my bookish world where everything is comfortable. There are such amazing friends and fantastic conversations. I laugh and I connect with other adults. This is something a stay at home mom does not get to do very often! Oh the joys of adult conversation and happy distractions!

I’m seeking a purpose in 2018. I want something for myself. I want a task to keep me busy and keep my spirits up. If I’m not busy, I dwell on my loss.

Last summer, I started a Goodreads group called “OurLostLibrary.” It was a place to come together over books that people have forgotten about. I was so tired of trying to keep up with the new releases (all my OWN personal choice. No one told me I needed to do that) When I obtained cheap books at book sales, they weren’t new. They were a few years old and guess what? No one cared about those reviews. They went unnoticed. I felt discouraged. I knew there HAD to be other people like me; people who read books from book sales or from their local library. Books that weren’t NEW. I wanted to form a group so we could read each others reviews, be there for each other and recommend great affordable books! So I created the group.

Soon after its creation, I discovered booklice in my home. I’m not sure which “old” book brought them in but I was done. I won’t get into it. I can’t. Suffice it to say, I lost all of my books. OurLostLibrary got thrown to the side. I couldn’t promote books if I didn’t have any! I couldn’t show them on Bookstagram. I couldn’t tweet reviews if I wasn’t reading. It was heartbreaking. I worked so hard, we were picking up steam and it was gone before I knew it.

I tried to bring back OurLostLibrary, but people moved on. The excitement was gone. My brilliant idea was just a memory. I tweeted like crazy and posted games on Instagram. No dice.

So I move on. I decided I was going to get a Kindle. It’s the only thing I asked for for Christmas. “I’m going to get all of my books back!” I said. “I’m going to read like I’ve never read before. I’m not gonna let this set back stop me. OurLostLibrary will be BACK!”

My dad and I worked on finding the perfect Kindle for an affordable price. It was “our” thing. It was his Christmas gift to me. He never got to give me that gift. It was the hardest thing to receive Christmas morning. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t even sure I’d be able to use it. I did though. I knew he wanted to me have it and how excited we were. I knew he’d want me to read ALL THE BOOKS. So I read.

I have my Kindle and I am working to reestablish the bookshelf I once had. I brought OurLostLibrary back. I won’t give up. It’s much harder now. I still don’t have the ability to search my shelves, take pictures I was once able to take but I’m trying. I don’t have the internet capabilities to do my Booktube channel anymore…even though I wish I could every single day of the week. (My internet is from the stone age. I don’t even have wifi. It’s a mess and I’ll never be able to afford better. So I deal) Not having a channel, it makes it that much harder to promote. Oh man what it would be like to post new games on my channel each week! I miss it and appreciate those that have it,  so I won’t give up!

As part of my new journey, I created TWO games. My hope honestly is that something takes off. Whether that’s OurLostLibrary or one of my games, it doesn’t matter. I’m searching for a purpose. I want something to look forward to each day that’s just my own. I want to keep busy so I don’t dwell, as I said. If one of these blossoms into something bigger…I will have succeeded! I will have constant interactions with people and goals and plans! It’ll be glorious!

I want to help people. It’s part of who I am. Other people’s problems will sit with me and eat away at me until I can find a way to make it better. I’m not good at expressing that, so it comes off quiet or uncaring but believe me…I care. I know there are people with TONS of books on their shelves that they want to get through. I know there are small booktubers who just want one person to notice them. One big booktuber to RT their post and big things will happen…I’ve been there! Bloggers who just want someone to read the words they spent so long working on, only to get ignored. I’ve been there! The bookstagrammer who gets 5 Likes on a picture they slaved over all day long? Yes! I get you!

So I create games. It helps give me purpose and it helps me bond with people who are in the same boat as I am. Yes, that takes lots of Retweets and getting people to even notice those RTs but it’s worth it when it succeeds. If you’re gonna put in all the work, you might as well have FUN…so GAME ON!!!


*MY GAMES!!!!:

#FictionalDating is fast becoming my favorite game idea for 2018! I couldn’t be more excited! It’s a bookish game based off of the tv show, Love Connection. Here are the rules!

Step 1: CHOOSE 3 books that have been on your shelf for awhile.

Step 2: DATE THEM: Read a chapter from each book. How did they measure up?

Step 3: CHOOSE YOUR SOULMATE: Choose the book you want to complete and let us know how the “relationship” went aka a book review.

Use #FictionalDating @LetsBookAboutIt so I can Retweet and promote your content! (Also, so I can check it out!!! Hehe)

Booktubers, Bloggers, Instagram and even Twitter (if that’s the only form of social media you have J ) It’s for EVERYONE!

This game is PERFECT for members of OurLostLibrary! You can find us on Twitter and Instagram @OurLostLibrary. Come join us!! I run Follower Highlights, 10 Second Challenge (ask me if interested!!!), and Friday Games! Weekends are weekly recaps! We encourage you to share what you are reading and help you get those books off those shelves! We also have a GoodReads Group OurLostLibrary, come see! You could end up finding your new Favorite book!


*My Second Game is #CandyCoatedChallenge!!!

Yes, this is as yummy as it sounds!

1) Once a month, you will be given a delicious candy and its clue!

2) Find that candy in your local checkout (OR print a picture off of the candy)

3) Show everyone the books (and candy!!!) that match the given clue!

4) You can show 1-100 books for each clue! It’s up to you!

5) Make a video/blog post! Post on Instagram or Twitter. Show everyone that candy and the books inspired by it! Use #CandyCoatedChallenge and don’t forget to tag me so I can find you!!!

January’s Candy & Clue:

*Snickers: A book that makes you laugh. Think of a book that gave you a good “snicker” and tell us all about it!!

The last Monday of every month, I will give you the next months clue. This month, that will be the 22nd! I may even run Twitter Polls to determine the next candy, so keep watch!!!


If you are interested in any of the things mentioned in this post, please let me know. It really boosts my spirits to see people interested in things that I’m passionate about. If you participate at all, PLEASE tag me and let me know! I really want to make sure that I see your content! Retweet as much as you can! This blog is tiny and barely sees any traffic. My tweets tend to disappear in the abyss that is called a Timeline lol So, ANY retweets no matter how many followers you have…well it puts eyes on this. Even if that’s one set of eyes lol it’s a set, right??? Thank you!!!

Also, thank you for reading all of this. I haven’t blogged in awhile and I had so much to say! Yikes! You deserve a medal! Lol You are amazing and I appreciate you! Thank you again!

The Kind Worth Killing Book Review

This is a book review for The Kind Worth Killing by Peter Swanson 🙂

This was a birthday gift and I chose to read it for @OurLostLibrary, my Goodreads Group.

TRIGGER WARNINGS for Possible Rape and Inappropriate Interactions with a child. I can’t really give away much more than that without tiny spoilers. If you would like to know more, message me privately. While I thought the scenes were disgusting and dark, it didn’t happen the way that I thought it was going to. Suffice it to say, the character has “issues” and this back story would help you understand why.

The plot twists were incredibly well done. Going into a book like this and being a mystery reader for many years, I had a few guesses as to how this could all go down. Ladies and Gents, I tip my hat to Peter Swanson. He got me good! Things unfolded quickly and suddenly I’m grasping at previously given info going “OMG!!” It was fabulous!

There are two POVs in this book. They alternate chapters. Normally, I am not a huge fan of jumping from one character to the next. I have read books where both characters’ voices sounded the same. Then you struggle to ascertain who is speaking and get back into their head. It’s not always my thing. THIS however, was brilliantly done. I could easily determine who was speaking and (the icing on the cake) I was EQUALLY interested in both characters! When does that ever happen? Usually one side is much more interesting than the other, but this author did an incredible job.

Our characters are Ted and Lily. I don’t want to get into too much detail, because the story is a ride worth taking. If I give too many facts, it takes away from the excitement. Basically, Ted is the man who wants to kill his wife. Lily is a riddle that you will have to solve. It’s brilliant!

Given the subject matter, there are obviously darker moments in this book. If crude language or subject matter is not your thing, you may want to shy away. I did not find the overall book to be crude in nature, but it has its moments sprinkled throughout. It sets a tone. It has a purpose. I never felt like, “Oh that wasn’t necessary.” I just wanted to give you a heads up!


Overall, I was very impressed with this book. It’s the kind of book to get you out of a slump. It entertaining and completely gripping. You have to know what happens next and keep getting surprised at every turn. The ending was amazing and not at all what I expected going into this book. This is 5 star read and I highly recommend it!