My New Life: Changes & Growth

If you don’t follow me on Twitter, you may have missed the news that my Dad passed away the beginning of December. Even now, it’s almost impossible for me to be typing these words. Let’s sum it up as…I was the epitome of a Daddy’s Girl and my life will never be the same.

Thus begins “My New Life.”

There are many ways to begin this post, but I will start by saying that I’m about to put my heart on this page. If you want to skip the sappy stuff, scroll down to my Games and take a look. If you want to know more about me…here ya go!

As of right now, and hopefully to change, I am a stay at home mom. My dad was my rock and now he is gone. I don’t have a set direction for my life and that makes it incredibly difficult. I thrive on lists and plans…I don’t have one.

So I throw myself into my bookish world where everything is comfortable. There are such amazing friends and fantastic conversations. I laugh and I connect with other adults. This is something a stay at home mom does not get to do very often! Oh the joys of adult conversation and happy distractions!

I’m seeking a purpose in 2018. I want something for myself. I want a task to keep me busy and keep my spirits up. If I’m not busy, I dwell on my loss.

Last summer, I started a Goodreads group called “OurLostLibrary.” It was a place to come together over books that people have forgotten about. I was so tired of trying to keep up with the new releases (all my OWN personal choice. No one told me I needed to do that) When I obtained cheap books at book sales, they weren’t new. They were a few years old and guess what? No one cared about those reviews. They went unnoticed. I felt discouraged. I knew there HAD to be other people like me; people who read books from book sales or from their local library. Books that weren’t NEW. I wanted to form a group so we could read each others reviews, be there for each other and recommend great affordable books! So I created the group.

Soon after its creation, I discovered booklice in my home. I’m not sure which “old” book brought them in but I was done. I won’t get into it. I can’t. Suffice it to say, I lost all of my books. OurLostLibrary got thrown to the side. I couldn’t promote books if I didn’t have any! I couldn’t show them on Bookstagram. I couldn’t tweet reviews if I wasn’t reading. It was heartbreaking. I worked so hard, we were picking up steam and it was gone before I knew it.

I tried to bring back OurLostLibrary, but people moved on. The excitement was gone. My brilliant idea was just a memory. I tweeted like crazy and posted games on Instagram. No dice.

So I move on. I decided I was going to get a Kindle. It’s the only thing I asked for for Christmas. “I’m going to get all of my books back!” I said. “I’m going to read like I’ve never read before. I’m not gonna let this set back stop me. OurLostLibrary will be BACK!”

My dad and I worked on finding the perfect Kindle for an affordable price. It was “our” thing. It was his Christmas gift to me. He never got to give me that gift. It was the hardest thing to receive Christmas morning. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t even sure I’d be able to use it. I did though. I knew he wanted to me have it and how excited we were. I knew he’d want me to read ALL THE BOOKS. So I read.

I have my Kindle and I am working to reestablish the bookshelf I once had. I brought OurLostLibrary back. I won’t give up. It’s much harder now. I still don’t have the ability to search my shelves, take pictures I was once able to take but I’m trying. I don’t have the internet capabilities to do my Booktube channel anymore…even though I wish I could every single day of the week. (My internet is from the stone age. I don’t even have wifi. It’s a mess and I’ll never be able to afford better. So I deal) Not having a channel, it makes it that much harder to promote. Oh man what it would be like to post new games on my channel each week! I miss it and appreciate those that have it,  so I won’t give up!

As part of my new journey, I created TWO games. My hope honestly is that something takes off. Whether that’s OurLostLibrary or one of my games, it doesn’t matter. I’m searching for a purpose. I want something to look forward to each day that’s just my own. I want to keep busy so I don’t dwell, as I said. If one of these blossoms into something bigger…I will have succeeded! I will have constant interactions with people and goals and plans! It’ll be glorious!

I want to help people. It’s part of who I am. Other people’s problems will sit with me and eat away at me until I can find a way to make it better. I’m not good at expressing that, so it comes off quiet or uncaring but believe me…I care. I know there are people with TONS of books on their shelves that they want to get through. I know there are small booktubers who just want one person to notice them. One big booktuber to RT their post and big things will happen…I’ve been there! Bloggers who just want someone to read the words they spent so long working on, only to get ignored. I’ve been there! The bookstagrammer who gets 5 Likes on a picture they slaved over all day long? Yes! I get you!

So I create games. It helps give me purpose and it helps me bond with people who are in the same boat as I am. Yes, that takes lots of Retweets and getting people to even notice those RTs but it’s worth it when it succeeds. If you’re gonna put in all the work, you might as well have FUN…so GAME ON!!!


*MY GAMES!!!!:

#FictionalDating is fast becoming my favorite game idea for 2018! I couldn’t be more excited! It’s a bookish game based off of the tv show, Love Connection. Here are the rules!

Step 1: CHOOSE 3 books that have been on your shelf for awhile.

Step 2: DATE THEM: Read a chapter from each book. How did they measure up?

Step 3: CHOOSE YOUR SOULMATE: Choose the book you want to complete and let us know how the “relationship” went aka a book review.

Use #FictionalDating @LetsBookAboutIt so I can Retweet and promote your content! (Also, so I can check it out!!! Hehe)

Booktubers, Bloggers, Instagram and even Twitter (if that’s the only form of social media you have J ) It’s for EVERYONE!

This game is PERFECT for members of OurLostLibrary! You can find us on Twitter and Instagram @OurLostLibrary. Come join us!! I run Follower Highlights, 10 Second Challenge (ask me if interested!!!), and Friday Games! Weekends are weekly recaps! We encourage you to share what you are reading and help you get those books off those shelves! We also have a GoodReads Group OurLostLibrary, come see! You could end up finding your new Favorite book!


*My Second Game is #CandyCoatedChallenge!!!

Yes, this is as yummy as it sounds!

1) Once a month, you will be given a delicious candy and its clue!

2) Find that candy in your local checkout (OR print a picture off of the candy)

3) Show everyone the books (and candy!!!) that match the given clue!

4) You can show 1-100 books for each clue! It’s up to you!

5) Make a video/blog post! Post on Instagram or Twitter. Show everyone that candy and the books inspired by it! Use #CandyCoatedChallenge and don’t forget to tag me so I can find you!!!

January’s Candy & Clue:

*Snickers: A book that makes you laugh. Think of a book that gave you a good “snicker” and tell us all about it!!

The last Monday of every month, I will give you the next months clue. This month, that will be the 22nd! I may even run Twitter Polls to determine the next candy, so keep watch!!!


If you are interested in any of the things mentioned in this post, please let me know. It really boosts my spirits to see people interested in things that I’m passionate about. If you participate at all, PLEASE tag me and let me know! I really want to make sure that I see your content! Retweet as much as you can! This blog is tiny and barely sees any traffic. My tweets tend to disappear in the abyss that is called a Timeline lol So, ANY retweets no matter how many followers you have…well it puts eyes on this. Even if that’s one set of eyes lol it’s a set, right??? Thank you!!!

Also, thank you for reading all of this. I haven’t blogged in awhile and I had so much to say! Yikes! You deserve a medal! Lol You are amazing and I appreciate you! Thank you again!

The Kind Worth Killing Book Review

This is a book review for The Kind Worth Killing by Peter Swanson 🙂

This was a birthday gift and I chose to read it for @OurLostLibrary, my Goodreads Group.

TRIGGER WARNINGS for Possible Rape and Inappropriate Interactions with a child. I can’t really give away much more than that without tiny spoilers. If you would like to know more, message me privately. While I thought the scenes were disgusting and dark, it didn’t happen the way that I thought it was going to. Suffice it to say, the character has “issues” and this back story would help you understand why.

The plot twists were incredibly well done. Going into a book like this and being a mystery reader for many years, I had a few guesses as to how this could all go down. Ladies and Gents, I tip my hat to Peter Swanson. He got me good! Things unfolded quickly and suddenly I’m grasping at previously given info going “OMG!!” It was fabulous!

There are two POVs in this book. They alternate chapters. Normally, I am not a huge fan of jumping from one character to the next. I have read books where both characters’ voices sounded the same. Then you struggle to ascertain who is speaking and get back into their head. It’s not always my thing. THIS however, was brilliantly done. I could easily determine who was speaking and (the icing on the cake) I was EQUALLY interested in both characters! When does that ever happen? Usually one side is much more interesting than the other, but this author did an incredible job.

Our characters are Ted and Lily. I don’t want to get into too much detail, because the story is a ride worth taking. If I give too many facts, it takes away from the excitement. Basically, Ted is the man who wants to kill his wife. Lily is a riddle that you will have to solve. It’s brilliant!

Given the subject matter, there are obviously darker moments in this book. If crude language or subject matter is not your thing, you may want to shy away. I did not find the overall book to be crude in nature, but it has its moments sprinkled throughout. It sets a tone. It has a purpose. I never felt like, “Oh that wasn’t necessary.” I just wanted to give you a heads up!


Overall, I was very impressed with this book. It’s the kind of book to get you out of a slump. It entertaining and completely gripping. You have to know what happens next and keep getting surprised at every turn. The ending was amazing and not at all what I expected going into this book. This is 5 star read and I highly recommend it!

Monthly Recs: Auto Read Authors


I am so excited to participate in this month’s Monthly Recs, created by Trina at Between Chapters and Kayla Rayne at Kayla Rayne. I have been away from my blog and this community for quite awhile and I’m excited to come back!


I actually found this topic much harder than I expected! As it turns out, I’ve changed my reading habits  quite a bit! I’ve been trying to read new and keep up with the trend. I’ve been burned by this strategy and so my outlook has kind of changed.

Middle Grade:

Brandon Mull is still and always will be an Auto Buy Author. When I need a fun middle grade book, I turn to him. I loved Fablehaven so very much. The entire series was so magical and the main characters are just so realistic. I felt like I was working on a magical preserve and I never wanted to leave (even when bad things happened lol)

Rick Riordan and I have a strange relationship. While I think his humor is very “Older Dad Trying Sooo Hard To Be Young And Cool,” I still love his books. I loved Percy Jackson and the Olympians. I am currently in the middle of the Heroes of Olympus series and I can’t wait to get back to them. I am eager to read all of his other books. They are full of adventure and really help you escape reality when you need too.


Beth Revis has become a new favorite author. I loved the Across the Universe series. I can’t recommend it to you enough! If you love a great Space Adventure, this is it!! It’s not full of too many Sci-Fi terms that you can’t understand. It’s a very easy read and it really keeps the pages turning. I am very eager to read The Body Electric (it’s on my shelf!)

Marissa Meyer is definitely a new Auto Buy Author. Although, some of her books could have been edited down just a bit, I still loved The Lunar Chronicles. I also highly recommend Wires and Nerve. I’m not usually a graphic novel fan, but I really enjoyed Iko’s story. I will more than likely pick up Volume 2.


Victoria Laurie is my new favorite cozy mystery writer. I am in the middle of her Ghost Hunter Series and it’s wonderful. I love the paranormal aspect to her books. The mysteries are solid. The characters are wonderful and diverse. I think it’s a great series for anyone who enjoys paranormal OR a good mystery. I am eager to pick up her Psychic Eye books as well.

Robin Hobb is incredible. I am so glad I was recommended this author and even though I’ve only read her first book (lol), I still highly recommend her. Her writing is absolutely beautiful. I’m not one for long descriptions and yet Robin Hobb could go on for pages and I wouldn’t get bored. Her first book in the Elderlings series is called Assassin’s Apprentice. It’s about a young boy growing up in a castle. There are lots of eventful things that happen to him, but this book isn’t filled with massive twists and turns. Yet, I couldn’t stop reading. I couldn’t stop thinking about Fitz. I adored this character (and others). It’s remarkable to me. If you know me, you’d know how big a deal this is. I get bored quite easily. If you haven’t checked her out, run to library and grab this book!

Confident in YOUR Content???

If you have read my post on OurLostLibrary via Goodreads this is a little more detailed version of that. If you haven’t, well here are my thoughts on the current status.


I have noticed that quite a few of us “bookish people” are struggling with our channels, blogs, content.

How do you feel about your content? Do you have struggles? Are you confident? How do you deal with doubts?

I, personally, struggle to feel included. I joined Booktube so that I had “adult” time with people who loved to read as much as I did. Sadly, my internet (with speeds only a cave man could appreciate) did not allow me to continue. Booktube felt natural and I miss it a great deal. In my heart, I’ll still always be a Booktuber.

After Booktube was no longer possible, I didn’t know where to turn. So I tried my hand at blogging. I do have things to say (sometimes too much to say) and I enjoy blogging. Yet the evil internet reared its ugly head and made WordPress a Nightmare for me. It took forever to get a post to actually publish and sometimes I’d have to quit and come back another day. It wasn’t worth the hassle and that’s why I’m not consistent and never have pics like everyone else.

So I took a break. Ever since then, I’ve been in limbo. I’ve tried IG and love it, but I’m no ground breaker in the pic department lol

I think it’s hard to keep up with public demand. I walk a fine line between trying to get noticed and yet still being me. I don’t want to stress myself out over the very thing that’s supposed to bring me much needed joy. Right???

So then I created Our Lost Library. I found that the “new” books are the books that people want to read about. It makes sense, they are NEW! You get to be the first person to read them, review them and get views because of them! I’m definitely not dogging new books. I have a pretty stack from my birthday that is eyeing me up! I’m just saying that the demand to keep up with “new” is quite difficult. If you don’t have “new,” you are more likely to be ignored, like I felt. It’s very tricky.

I created Our Lost Library with my favorite people, because I want to bring awareness to the older books. I want them to be cool too. I want a community of people who will come search the “older book” section every once and awhile. We aren’t saying “Don’t Read New Books!!!” We are saying, “Don’t You Forget About Me” Bwahahaha! We want to post pics and reviews about books that haven’t been talked about in awhile (or ever, if a hyped book drew a lot of attention). We want to gain views from them and excitement. Share stories and swap heartaches over books time forgot.

Will this Group be a success? I don’t know. I sure hope so. I hope to look at my phone and find lots of fun convo’s each day. I hope to help people promote their older books and encourage others to read amazing books they didn’t know existed. I hope to show off my books and have people actually be interested in my content. I hope it works. I hope you join and you love it. I hope to do everyone who joins or helped create it…proud.

My end goal was and still is…make friends. Make lots of friends! I want to have fun, silly conversations everyday with a few people and feel like I got my “adult” time in. I want to laugh over books, cry about books, and share it all with wonderful people. ARCs are cool. Massive followers…yeah that’d be cool. It’s just not necessary. Developing close relationships with my followers….that’s the real gold.

So where do I fit in? I don’t know. I haven’t found my rhythm yet. How about you?

OurLostLibrary July Pop Quiz

Hey!!! Welcome back!! If you haven’t read my last post, this Pop Quiz is from my Goodreads Group, OurLostLibrary which celebrates the books that we may have forgotten about (1995-2015). I created it with a few amazing ladies and I hope you will check it out and try our Monthly Pop Quizzes! So, let’s get started on July!!!

  1. Red, White….find a book that’s BLUE!!!  The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. It’s a rough read, but changes you in a profound way.
  2. Fireworks are loud, but pretty. Name a book that strikes a cord, but in the best way. I don’t know if you are religious, but the Left Behind series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins blew my mind. It talks about The Rapture and if you aren’t familiar with that let me just tell you this….Imagine that you are driving your car down a major highway and everyone that believes in God, just disappeared all at once. CRASH!!! The car in front of you no longer has a driver and the car behind you doesn’t have one either. Scariest of all, your family in the back seat is GONE. What happens next is pandemonium all over the world. The books are gripping and you furiously flip through pages at a break neck speed. Yet, to think of this actually happening as foretold in the Bible, truly terrifying.
  3. BBQ Time!! Name a book that puts a fire in your belly. Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. Just the title alone makes me all giddy. I wasn’t sure if I would like this book and I ended up loving it. I couldn’t stop turning pages and read it SOOO quickly. It’s an amazing and unique book that you simply must try!! I have such a passion to share this book! lol
  4. Everyone needs a book by the pool! What book would you recommend? Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella. I’m about to do a reread of this book and will post a review as soon as I can. I loved this lighthearted and simple read. It’s silly and fun, yet packs an interesting story. In my mind, there’s nothing better than a light, fluffy book in the summer.
  5. I’m packing up for vacation and I need an adventurous book. What do I pack? Well, I’m definitely not running low on adventurous books. lol! I think for this quiz I will go with the Across the Universe Trilogy by Beth Revis. My friend Michelle recommended it to me and during my buddy read….I about lost my mind! There were times when I was freaking out to my friend, Jody (my buddy read buddy lol) and we couldn’t stop reading when we were supposed to. We both ended up loving the trilogy and if you are looking for a Space Adventure…this is a great choice!

That’s all for this Pop Quiz!! Hope you join us soon!! Just as before, please post answers on Social Media under “OurLostLibrary July Pop Quiz”, @OurLostLibrary #OurLostLibrary from July 1st-August 6th. Remember ALL books need to be published from 1995-2015 to fit in with our group! I can’t wait to read your answers!!! 🙂

OurLostLibrary Presents Pop Quiz

With a few wonderful and creative friends, I have created a Goodreads Group, Twitter Handle and Instagram page called “OurLostLibrary”. The focus of this group is to bring awareness to older books (1995-2015) that we all might have forgotten about.

In my online bookish journey, I found that people are always talking about the newest and most hyped books. This is for a very good reason, they’re new! We want to read them before anyone else and give our thoughts before anyone else. This increases the chances of us being viewed. If you read an older book and post a review….it’s old news. No one reads/watches that review…or so I’ve experienced. I want to change that!!!

The goal of our group is to bring together a community of people who do read new books, but also celebrate older books. We will bring them to your attention and when you want a “new” read and the bestsellers aren’t doing it…come check out our gems! Older books need love too! They could have been shadowed by bigger releases or maybe they were talked about a lot before you joined the bookish community. Now you will learn about them!! Make sense? Please join us if it does! Find us @OurLostLibrary!!!

Now, onto our game!!! I created Pop Quiz as a fun way to interact with each other, share our content and have a few laughs! It’s a monthly game and all details can be found on our Goodread page. Here are the introductory questions! These can be done at any time!!

1. Why did you join our group? Name the first book that came to mind when you joined?

I created the group with my friends because I wanted to still be apart of the bookish community, even if I was reading the books people were no longer reading. The first book that came to mind was The Kind Worth Killing by Peter Swanson. It’s from 2015. It’s a psychological thriller and it sounds captivating! I got it for my birthday and I’m about ready to start it! Woo Hoo!

2. What is your favorite book genre? Find 3 books that fit that description.

I have struggled with this because it’s not necessarily the entire genre that I like. I like Mystery. I don’t like cops searching for a bad guy, political conspiracy books, or anything involving the justice system. LOL! I like anything with a juicy mystery running through it. It could be a Cozy Mystery, a Paranormal YA book, or something creepy like YOU by Caroline Kepnes. I love questions and I love trying to answer them! So, I’d say Victoria Laurie’s Ghost Hunters Series, The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater and You!

3. Name a character from a book that has a similar personality to you.

I struggle with this, because book characters are so much cooler than me! lol I’m bubbly like a Sophie Kinsella character. I’m stubborn like Scarlet from the Lunar Chronicles. I’m definitely as goofy as Ron Weasley. LOL! Lastly, I’m a loyal as Blue to her boys.

4. Find a book with a story that you would like to play a role in.

Inkheart by Cornelia Funke!! I want to go inside a book. I want my words to create magical elements. Yes, Please!

5. Find a book with a character that experienced something you experienced. (anything no matter how great or small)

I don’t want to give away any plot elements, but in Robin Hobb’s Assassin’s Apprentice Fitz shared some cool moments with his dog. I do not have the Wit, sadly, but I was very close to my childhood dog. She was 7wks when I was 7yrs old. She was with me through play, dark spooky nights, and growing up into a young adult. We bonded. On the night she died, I received a dream. In it, my lil puppy…now 15, passed away. I woke up and knew it was her Goodbye to me. I was greeted at my bedroom door by my family….they informed me she was gone. I already knew though, didn’t I? I’ll never forget her and though I’ve loved dogs since….they’ve never truly compared.

Well, that’s it!!!

These questions go a little deeper than I’d normally go, but this is a get to know you quiz!

Please join our group and post your answers on Social Media to spread the word! Use “OurLostLibrary Presents Pop Quiz”, @OurLostLibrary, #OurLostLibrary. Please remember all books must fit the 1995-2015 timeline to qualify. It’s what we are all about! 🙂 Thanks for playing and I’m excited to see your answers! Please find the July tab in the Pop Quiz folder to also try our July Pop Quiz!!!


It’s getting warmer here. Summertime is fast approaching. I am one of the few that HATE the summertime. I don’t like being hot. My house never gets cool enough for me. The electric bill…uh, No Thank You! The only solution, more ice cream!!! More ice cream leads to weight gain. No ice cream. Sad Face. Summer is not for me.


I do however enjoy summer reading! I find the summer to be the perfect time to read a quick Chick Lit book or a fun mystery. I tend to prefer light reading in the summer. How about you? A couple Sophie Kinsella books, maybe some Laurien Berenson cozy mysteries and life is as good as it can be in the summer heat!


This year I’m struggling. I’m constantly picking up new books at the book sale and trying to fill a void that can’t seem to be filled. That isn’t to say I haven’t read great books. I have! I read Beth Revis’ Across the Universe series with my friend Jody and OMG we LOVED it! I read Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty and surprisingly loved it too! The Throne of Glass series (1-3) by Sarah J Maas, Rick Riordan’s Heroes of Olympus books (1-3), and Victoria Laurie’s amazing Ghost Hunter Mysteries are also highlighted.


So, my slump came in waves. It wasn’t immediate and it didn’t stop me from wanting to read. It just isolated me and made me feel overwhelmed.


For starters, realization that no one reads my blog posts. I’m kinda wasting my time a lil bit and that’s really disheartening. So I quit. Not the most mature approach, this I know! Yet, when you have really sh*tty internet service and you are breaking your back to create a regular schedule that almost no one even cares about…why bother?! I switched to Instagram @LetsBookAboutIt and I’m reviewing books there. I quite enjoy it. Even if I’m still a little slow to post or my pictures don’t rank at all compared to the big names, it’s still fun.


Next, I have far too many LONG LONG LONG fantasy books. Did I mention they were LONG? It feels like 75% of my TBR pile is made up of LONG fantasy books. To say I’m overwhelmed would be an understatement. I see the long books. I want to read the long books. Then I pick them up and put them back down. I can’t seem to stick with them for more than a few chapters. I think it started with the Throne of Glass series. I loved books 1 and 2. Book 3 had some challenges for me. I wanted to like it, but I didn’t. (not in the first half anyway) That book was so incredibly long. I just kept pushing and pushing my way through. I’d give up a whole day to read it and at the end felt like I didn’t make a dent. It was discouraging. That’s when the Fear Of Long Books began. Now, I’m afraid to start a long book for fear I won’t finish it or I’ll get bored. If I put it down, I may not pick it back up! It’s all in my mind, I know. That doesn’t stop me from thinking it though.


Lastly, the combative state of Twitter made me distance myself from it and thereby leaving my bookish online friends. Well, not entirely, but I feel like I’m not connecting like I used to. (and my internet was awful so I stopped watching videos L )


I’ve seen the Twitter controversies come and go. I usually try and stay out of it, because I’ve found that no matter what I say…it’s apparently wrong. So mums the word now! Yes, there are the wonderfully mature human beings who can debate an issue and NOT judge you or make you feel bad for having the opinion you have. To each their own, right? I have seen PLENTY of that on Booktube in the past. The fairly recent conversations seem far too heated for that. It’s a lot of hurt feelings and when feelings are involved…things get heated. Let me back track!


Recently, it feels like no one can have an opinion without someone being offended. Maybe you didn’t like a book or author? Maybe you DID like that book or author? Maybe you found problematic issues in a book? Maybe you read that same book and saw nothing wrong? No matter where you fell, someone is upset with you. I don’t like people being upset with me. So I didn’t weigh-in on those conversations and I certainly did not read any problematic/controversial books!


In fact, I avoided all “hyped” books. I decided I’m not even going to try anymore. I don’t want to argue with anyone and there are plenty of older books that I want to read/enjoy. So, I distanced myself from the hype. Problem is, when you stop caring about the books that are being “cared” about, you stop being apart of the conversations. Sad Face. It was kind of lose lose. If I read the problematic books (to be apart of the conversation) then people would be mad that I read a book with such problematic elements. If I didn’t, I steered clear of the anger/offensive material…but I couldn’t chat with those people (because that’s all they talked about).


I am not sure of the current state of Bookish Twitter. I only pop on and off. I have a feeling that those issues are still going strong. Why wouldn’t they? If you see a book that offends you, you are going to talk about it. If you read a book that you love and see people hate on it, you’re going to get defensive. No one really wins. On one side, you have the offended people who read something that rocked them to the core and therefore get so upset they may not be explaining their points as calmly/rationally as they maybe could have. They are so offended by this body of work, that they don’t want to hear any praise for it. They don’t want to hear your side. On the other hand, people are so busy being defensive of this body of work that they miss the opposing sides point all together. They miss the bigger picture and that can have lasting damage. In the end, we need to listen to each other and grow more accepting of others no matter what side we are sitting on. Also, we want publishers to see our points calmly, to take the bookish community seriously and to make changes in the quality of what they produce. That’s my opinion anyway. Whether you agree or disagree, I respect that. Please respect me if you choose comment.


So, now I’m here with my internet actually functioning and my words rambling across my screen. Will anyone read it? I dunno. Will someone be mad at me about my thoughts? Quite possibly, but I wrote a blog post though!!!!


Has anyone been in a similar funk? Have you ever picked up books only to put them back down? Do you feel a little lost?


My goals for the rest of the year are as follows:


– Blog/Instagram More

– Find My Way Back Onto Twitter And Solidify Stronger Friendships

– Read What My Heart Wants, Not What I Feel Obligated To Read

– Continue To Grow TBR Hot Spot (My Goodreads Group) and Do Right By My Amazing Members. I really want to provide a good group for them and not let them down. I’ve felt like I have due to my slump and I’m working hard to change that.


That’s all for now folks!