ORIGINAL Booktuber Assortment Tag

I heard recently from a very kind and pretty cool woman that people are like a bag of candy. There are big ones. There are small ones. There are round ones and long skinny ones. They are all so different and yet they all taste just as sweet. Today I bring you the ORIGINAL Booktuber Assortment Tag. Get it? Like an assorted bag of candy???

This Tag was designed for a couple purposes. It helps us take a look at who we are watching and how diverse our favorite booktubers really are. It will also hopefully introduce you to booktubers who may not ordinarily get mentioned & whom you missed out on in the past! 🙂 If something like this has been done before & I missed it, does it really hurt to have another? Also, please feel free to name a bunch of booktubers for each answer if you have more than one! So let’s do this and gain some new fave’s!

1. Booktuber who introduced you to booktube? (The one who made you start watching or want to join) I have said this often, but it’s Sam from Thoughts On Tomes. I viewed a couple other channels and found them interesting enough. I really related to Sam though. I felt she was genuine and I really enjoyed how she reviewed a book. There were clear, concise reasons for liking or disliking a book that I could understand. She wasn’t overly peppy and in my face lol She was chill and real and I needed to be apart of this world immediately. I feel like she’s one of the most relatable people in this community no matter how high her sub count goes and is so open/accepting of all people…that is why she’s so loved. Am I right?
2. Favorite Male Booktuber. Off the top of my head, I’d say Dustin from BookBabbles and Connor from Connor O’Brien. Dustin is the nicest guy. He’s the guy you want to befriend and share all things Star Trek and nerdy with! Lol! His reviews have a way of making me feel so freaking excited to read whatever he’s talking about and his IG dessert pics make me salivate. Lol TMI! He makes me laugh, I love to hear his thoughts, and he’s someone to treasure!! Connor is a bigger name, I believe. I respect Connor immensely. Connor is my go-to Middle Grade reviewer. He reads far more than just MG, but when I really need an opinion on MG he’s the one I trust. So far, he hasn’t led me astray. He has similiar opinions to mine and his reviews really sum up exactly what I need to know. Honestly, I don’t think I purchase a MG book without his rating first…I just realized this but it’s true!
3. New Booktuber Recommendation (started in the past year) I’m having serious internet issues right now, just posting this is going to be a nightmare.(It has!! 3rd attempt and going strong) So, I can’t exactly fact check this as much as I’d prefer to. That said, Im choosing Cassie from Cassie’s Bookish Corner. I love her channel. I discovered her through twitter months ago and I’m really glad that I did. Shes a mom like me and so I found her very relatable. She chooses books that I enjoy and her reviews are top notch! I very much respect her opinions and Im lucky to have found her.
4. Favorite Booktuber Who Is A Person Of Color. Raul from LatinLector!!! I started watching Raul’s channel pretty early on. I enjoy the same books that he does and when he reviews a book, he’s really relatable. (Thats a common theme for me, if u cant tell) He gives me enough detail to make a decision of my own. His videos are laid back, like you are visiting an old friend and asking them “Hey, whats that book over there on your shelf?” He’s an overall very nice man and his dogs are so cute! Lol He also reviews books written in spanish! So if that appeals to you, give him a shot!
5. Favorite Booktuber Who Has 2k-6k Subscribers. This is hard for me, because I have sooo many. I believe that the immensely fabulous Sarah-Jane from TheBookLife is in this category. There’s no way you cant love Sarah-Jane. Her wit is inspiring. Shes intelligent, her commentary leaves me in stitches, and when she doesnt like a book shes going to let you know. Lol! Shes such a pleasure and the nicest person! Plus, Jericho Barrons for life! Lol! Also, there are my TwoPaperGirls!! Laura and Amy have been raved about quite a bit by me. Hehe I just adore these ladies. They are sweet as pie and their videos are such a joy to watch. I love most when they chat together and you feel like you are apart of their click. Lol! Its hard to explain, but I simply cannot recommend them both enough! Lastly, because I cant name 100 people, I choose to name these names and PLEASE go check them out. Harriet Rosie is fabulous! Cherrie Walker is delightful!! April Sarah is a joy to watch! StarCrossedBooks is a friend I cherish!
6. Favorite Booktuber Who Is A Woman of Color. Another hard one!! Ok, Ill try and narrow this down, because Ive found some real treasures! First of all, lets start with Frankie from FrankieReads. A list of faves would not be complete without talking about one of the most inspirational and phenomenal people I have had the pleasure of knowing. Frankie is such a joy that I cant even type this without getting emotional. Im such a baby! Lol! Ok, Frankie has pulled me up when Im feeling low, has a way with words that I would never be able to articulate. Frankie’s that person that says just the right thing at the right time and you feel so blessed to know this person. If you need a positive ray of unending sunshine, someone who has a bigger obsession with bookish candles than I know what to do with (I love this so much! Lol), someone who can recommend you a book and you instantly need to have it NOW because their enthusiasm is so infectious, someone who will touch your heart, its Frankie. Next up, Ashley from BookishRealm!! Ashley is the inspiration behind this Tag, but I adore this lady! Ashley’s videos are like this…You Go over to your bookish best friends house, grab a mug of hot chocolate, and say “Girl, I need a good book!” Get cozy and enter Ashley, friend extraordinaire. Her videos are just that! They are cozy and friendly chats about books. You nod your head “Yes, girl!” You laugh (check out her Vlogmas intros as she sings! Lol Love it!) You get an honest opinion about books AND she reads pretty much every genre I can think of. Seriously!! Children’s Picture Books, Chapter Books, Middle Grade, YA, Graphic Novels, Adult and every genre! I consider her channel to be one of my favorites and Im thankful to know her via Booktube. Last but not least, Jade from BedtimeBookworm. I cannot tell you how much I enjoy Jade’s reviews. Honestly, Theres something special about her writing(via her blog) and how it envelopes you. I am pulled in with her words and how shes describes each element of a book via blog or video. I honestly strive to be the reviewer that she is and know that I probably never will be. I trust her opinions 100% and her review will instantly make or break me picking up a book. She covers all areas that I need to know without at all spoiling story plots. They are well thought out and concise impressions and I cant stop gushing! Lol
7. Booktuber who has over 10k subscribers but deserves more. Sam from SamsNonsense wouldnt you agree? I cannot repeat her name enough. She is one of the sweetest, funniest, most heartfelt and entertaining booktubers out there. I relate to her on many levels and shes never anything but herself. If I dont check in with a Sam video, I feel like I missed a chat with my best friend. Shes so interactive and genuine with her followers and she really puts her heart out there for all of us to see. When she reviews a book, you get nothing but honesty even if that book was just shipped to her by the publisher. I admire her for it.
8. Favorite Booktuber For Positive LGBTQ+ Representation. Sylwia from WishFulfillment is my FAVORITE!! Sylwia has the greatest format for reviewing books. Off the top of my tired brain, I cannot quote her criteria with any accuracy lol I can say that she notes if the book has positive representation, problematic content and how does it cover the subject matter (shes totally going to laugh at my dumbed down explanation right now, I just know it! Lol) She delivers such important information in such a wonderous, humorous tone. I laugh hysterically at some of her unscripted videos and even the scripted ones make you giggle at her incredible personality. So, you get this much needed information, as well as some humor. Whats there not to love? Her wrapped books idea is GENIUS! Shes an asset to your sub list.
9. The Booktuber who best represents your reading preferences. I choose all of the above. How about you?

Note: I chose POC vs WOC so that men or people who identify as anything besides female, can be represented. If you don’t know of any POC besides women, you may include another woman. Please check out other people’s tags to find some though! There are so many quality WOC on this platform that I felt they needed their own category so they didn’t have to compete with men, etc.

Also, while our sexual preferences or the color of our skin are not specific reasons to watch our content, they can open people up to new books/opportunities that they may have missed out on. One of my fave Booktubers reviews books looking for problematic content/positive representation/etc. Some reviewers find books that best represent what they look like, as they should. We can hear about those books and read them too! These are reviewers we should strive to include in our daily/weekly/monthly viewing. You can never learn another persons perspective or open yourself up to new ideas if you keep those doors closed. Let’s throw those doors OPEN!

If you have found any reason to be offended with this tag, as it mentions sensitive content, I apologize. Please speak to me kindly and leave a comment letting me know why so I can rectify the situation. If I am met with any hostility, I’m sorry but I won’t be responding to that. Your opinion will be read and respected though.

I apologize for no Links. If you had any idea the nightmare I have went through in order to post this…omg. This is the 3rd time I’ve written this and this round…I’m hand texting it. I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to read this! After all this drama, I’m beat! I need some serious chocolate! Lol!

I hope this Tag grows, as many of mine do not lol. I hope that it remains positive and channels grow with subscribers. Good Luck!

To those of you mentioned and those of you not, if Im subscribed to you, I value you! Your voice is important and thank you for sharing with all of us, especially me. Im so thankful for being apart of this community and wish I could show it more.

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