Confident in YOUR Content???

If you have read my post on OurLostLibrary via Goodreads this is a little more detailed version of that. If you haven’t, well here are my thoughts on the current status.


I have noticed that quite a few of us “bookish people” are struggling with our channels, blogs, content.

How do you feel about your content? Do you have struggles? Are you confident? How do you deal with doubts?

I, personally, struggle to feel included. I joined Booktube so that I had “adult” time with people who loved to read as much as I did. Sadly, my internet (with speeds only a cave man could appreciate) did not allow me to continue. Booktube felt natural and I miss it a great deal. In my heart, I’ll still always be a Booktuber.

After Booktube was no longer possible, I didn’t know where to turn. So I tried my hand at blogging. I do have things to say (sometimes too much to say) and I enjoy blogging. Yet the evil internet reared its ugly head and made WordPress a Nightmare for me. It took forever to get a post to actually publish and sometimes I’d have to quit and come back another day. It wasn’t worth the hassle and that’s why I’m not consistent and never have pics like everyone else.

So I took a break. Ever since then, I’ve been in limbo. I’ve tried IG and love it, but I’m no ground breaker in the pic department lol

I think it’s hard to keep up with public demand. I walk a fine line between trying to get noticed and yet still being me. I don’t want to stress myself out over the very thing that’s supposed to bring me much needed joy. Right???

So then I created Our Lost Library. I found that the “new” books are the books that people want to read about. It makes sense, they are NEW! You get to be the first person to read them, review them and get views because of them! I’m definitely not dogging new books. I have a pretty stack from my birthday that is eyeing me up! I’m just saying that the demand to keep up with “new” is quite difficult. If you don’t have “new,” you are more likely to be ignored, like I felt. It’s very tricky.

I created Our Lost Library with my favorite people, because I want to bring awareness to the older books. I want them to be cool too. I want a community of people who will come search the “older book” section every once and awhile. We aren’t saying “Don’t Read New Books!!!” We are saying, “Don’t You Forget About Me” Bwahahaha! We want to post pics and reviews about books that haven’t been talked about in awhile (or ever, if a hyped book drew a lot of attention). We want to gain views from them and excitement. Share stories and swap heartaches over books time forgot.

Will this Group be a success? I don’t know. I sure hope so. I hope to look at my phone and find lots of fun convo’s each day. I hope to help people promote their older books and encourage others to read amazing books they didn’t know existed. I hope to show off my books and have people actually be interested in my content. I hope it works. I hope you join and you love it. I hope to do everyone who joins or helped create it…proud.

My end goal was and still is…make friends. Make lots of friends! I want to have fun, silly conversations everyday with a few people and feel like I got my “adult” time in. I want to laugh over books, cry about books, and share it all with wonderful people. ARCs are cool. Massive followers…yeah that’d be cool. It’s just not necessary. Developing close relationships with my followers….that’s the real gold.

So where do I fit in? I don’t know. I haven’t found my rhythm yet. How about you?

3 thoughts on “Confident in YOUR Content???

  1. I don’t stick to a niche, so my blog is about more than just books so I find it hard to fit in because people wither want this content or that and I’m giving many things. I can’t exactly call mine a “book blog” or a “lifestyle blog”. So, yeah, I am forever doubtful about my content.


    1. Aww I enjoy your content!!

      I agree though, its your blog so you choose what you like, but will it be received? Its a struggle.

      I recommend you whenever I can. So I sure hope they love your content like I do 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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