Thank Goodness Its 2017

2016 has been a truly difficult year for me. There were some amazing highlights (Raven Cycle ReadAlong and my One Year Bookish Anniversary) but there was a lot of tragedy as well.

I’m not quite sure why I feel compelled to put personal info out there right now. Usually, I keep that private. I guess I just want to wash my hands clean of 2016 and all its ugliness. I want to start fresh with the dropping of the ball and pray to the good Lord above that things get better. I need them to get better.

I don’t want to bring you down or bore you with my drama. Quite frankly, next to no one reads my blog, so I guess I won’t bring down too many people.

I think I’m searching for positivity. I’m searching for my happy place again. I found it once here in the bookish community and I’m hoping you can all guide me in that direction again. Let’s start with the nitty gritty….

A personal tragic event happened to a close family member. It came as a huge shock. It brought us all to our knees. It could have been life or death and luckily we dealt with it…he’s still here. The shock still wakes me up at night or hits me out of the blue. It’s crushing and yet we deal….we move on….we be thankful for what we do have. That’s all you really can do, right?

There were massive changes and many sleepless nights. It took a physical toll on me and I still feel…exhausted all the time. Not so great for reading or finding time for booktube/blog reading.

Then we suffered losses. One that we didn’t see coming, but crushed my sibling. One that we knew was coming, but not on a holiday.

Our lives have changed immensely, because of all of this. Some days, I don’t know how to cope. I’ve lost motivation to read, watch videos, read blogs….even my social media presence isn’t what it was. I’m stuck in a rut and I can’t get out. I want to get out.

So, after this somber post, I’ll be posting my 2017 Reading Resolutions. I’m hoping that will get me back in the swing of things. If you want to buddy read, please let me know. I’ll be posting my reading list as well! I’d love to chat books, etc!

If you have tags or challenges or anything fun that you would like to involve me in, please let me know. Please keep in mind, my tragic events are still ongoing and I will be dealing with that. Therefore, time for “myself” is very limited. I’m hoping it changes soon, but I’m just not sure it will for awhile.

When I first joined Booktube over a year ago, I was seeking some “me” time with fellow readers. You are MY people! Lol I escaped to bookish chats, videos, blogs, etc. It was glorious and gave me purpose. Now, I’m hoping to recapture that fun. Are you in?

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