If You Were A Book Character (original)

So I’m creating this Tag because I was recently inspired by a friend and wanted to do something fun. This Tag is just for a fun laugh/giggle/chuckle amongst friends. Feel free to give it a go! Since everyone is writing this month…this can be a quick creative distraction…if you need one. Or be for those of you not taking on such a long project, but still wanna write.

The only rule, if you Tag someone…you have to include them. It goes like this…

If Michelle from Michellislife was a book character, I’d call her book “Librarian Knows Best”. It would be set in a children’s library and Michelle would be this mysterious and magical person that pops outta bookshelves. Think Mary Poppins, but with books! She could open a book and draw people into the story. Make them feel at home and teach them a valuable lesson. It would be a long running series that teaches children different life lessons and about diversity! She’d probably kick some butt too, cuz Michelle’s pretty bad ass.

If Jody from ThatOneGirlWhoReads.wordpress.com was a book character, I’d call her book “The Dark Inside Us”. It would be a spooky read about things that go bump in the night. Only they aren’t necessarily evil. You just start off thinking they are. By getting to know the characters and Jody’s narration, you discover they are teachable and really soft hearted. This magical series would be a duology!

If you could create a book about your friend, what would it be? Why?

If you were included, consider yourself TAGGED!

Feel free to repeat friends, just create your own story idea. Again, just for fun. Make it as silly or just plain stupid as you want. Hehe Share on any platform and hashtag #ifyouwereabookcharacter

PLEASE BE KIND WHEN CREATING STORIES ABOUT ANYONE! I made this for fun, not to  hurt people!

*Note: I didn’t look up these titles. I just made them up. If they are actual book titles…my apologies. Also, feel free to create stories about me. That’d be fun! 🙂


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