Zelda Made Me Stop Reading My Book Tag (Original)

So, my heart is screaming ZELDA and my head is screaming FINISH THE BOOK YOU LOVE….So I created a Tag.

This is a little bit crazy. I know this. You don’t have to tell me. In fact, it might be down right ridiculous. I don’t care. I’m doing it anyway!

The…Zelda Made Me Stop Reading My Book TAG….Original 😉 It’s a mouthful, but its fun and attention grabbing, right? You love it! 😉

  1. Princess Zelda is always taken by the Evil Ganondorf/Ganon, etc. Which book have you read where the main character was kidnapped? FableHaven by Brandon Mull. I can’t say more. Spoilers.
  2. Link needs a Tunic, a Sword and a Shield before he starts his quest. What do you need before you settle down with a good book? My book light, a comfy pillow and some blankets. Oh, and water!
  3. Poor Link, he can’t get anywhere without having to fight something! Who’s your favorite book villain or “bad guy”? V’lane from the Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning. He’s so shady and I love him for it.
  4. Bottles and Rupees and Hearts, Oh My! What book series was your favorite to collect? Since I said the Fever Series already, The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater or Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer would be next. Oh, and Laurien Berenson’s Melanie Travis series. There are quite a few and I was so excited to get them all. Sadly, they were lost in a move, but I loved them. Harry Potter is obvious! 😉
  5. Puzzles galore! The Dungeons are full of some epic and challenging puzzles. What book left your head spinning? The Progeny by Tosca Lee. Heart racing fun!
  6. Some puzzles are really frustrating! What book left you frustrated to no end? A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness and Beautiful Darkness by Kami Garcia. Discovery had everything wonderful a book could offer. Then she crammed all this useless boring info into it and ruined it. I had to put it down. Beautiful Creatures was a very enjoyable read. It’s sequel bored me to tears. Also, I bought the whole series because I was SURE I was going to love it. Nope!
  7. So you think you collected everything you need to save the day…and now this persons gonna tell you you’re wrong?! I need to collect WHAT? Name a book that threw you a massive curveball. I wanna say The Raven Cycle (Yes, every single one!)…I’m trying to say something different, buuuut….nope. That series destroyed me in the best possible way!
  8. Lastly, you defeated Ganon. You rescued the Princess. You are amazing! Now it’s time to get back to your book. What are you currently reading? Is it as good as Zelda? 😉 Robin Hobbs “Assassin’s Apprentice”. It’s glorious and wonderful. It’s everything fantasy should be. I’m completely obsessed with her now.

Thanks for reading and PLEASE try my Tag! Make sure you let me know via Twitter so I don’t miss your blog post or your video! Until Next Time!!!

4 thoughts on “Zelda Made Me Stop Reading My Book Tag (Original)

  1. This was a really cool idea. It kind of makes me want to create a paper Mario one. When I have time I’ll try to do this tag. I’m kind of not feeling motivated to film lately since the move. I also haven’t finished a book all month. I’m glad you’re enjoying Robin Hobb

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