The Progeny: A Spoiler Free Review

“I’m Twenty-One years old and my name doesn’t matter because it’s about to be erased forever.” Intriguing, right?

 Ohhh I have so many things to say about this book!!! (I apologize if I ramble!) Let’s just dive in!

 Let me include the inside flap for you, because I’m so excited that I can’t sum this up correctly! Lol

When you wake up, you remember nothing. Not your name, or where you were born, or the faces of the people you knew. Just a single warning written to yourself before you forget it all:

Emily, it’s me. You.

Don’t ask about the last two years…Don’t try to remember and don’t go digging. Your life depends on it. Others’ lives depend on it.

By the way, Emily isn’t your real name. You died in an accident. You paid extra for that.

 You start over in a remote place with a new name, a fresh life. Until the day a stranger tells you you’re being hunted for the sins of a royal ancestor who died centuries before you were born.

You don’t believe him, until they come for you. Now you’re on the run.

Every answer you need lies in a past you chose to erase. The only thing you know for sure is that others are about to die and you need those memories back.

But first, you have to stay alive.

 Pacing: I want to start with pacing, because that’s where this book excelled! This book was a wild thrill ride! Every chapter ends with a cliffhanger and you just don’t want to put it down! I honestly would have finished this in one day if adulting didn’t get in the way. That says a lot, if you know anything about how slowly I move through books.

Plot: Ok, so the only real flaw I found in this book was the ancestor part. Let me explain. The ancestor they are referring to is Elizabeth Bathory. She is a real person, not fictional, and was apparently a serial killer. Oh My! In this story, Tosca Lee creates a world where Bathory’s family members are being hunted by Scions (I’ll let the book explain) because of her sins. Suffice it to say, she kills their family and they kill her family throughout the decades. The issue I had was…if they are so good at their jobs…wouldn’t they eventually kill all of her offspring and there would be none left? In this book, there’s a good amount left. Lee does explain that they didn’t start hunting until 200 yrs after Bathory’s death (I believe it was her death. Sorry if I’m wrong) but still…that’s only so many family members, right? Why are so many still around? Why are any? I thought that was very far fetched and struggled with that part.

Then, it all changed for me (Mind you this was page 64) when I became so sucked in, I could think of nothing else. That’s not long to wait! Also, please keep in mind that I enjoyed the book up until that part. It was very interesting! I just got hung up on the ancestors-still-alive part.

So, now I’m pulled in and that’s when the magic happened! There are twists and turns you will never see coming. She’s brilliant too, because she teases you with predictable moments. You stop and go “HA! I saw that coming!!” and she comes back with “HA! GOTCHA!!” Yes, I’m having a convo with the author right now! Lol! It was fantastic! This book consumed me.

Character development was fantastic as well! Now I won’t go into it because the beauty of this book is…you have NO IDEA who to trust. No idea. I think this made it even more fun. So, the only person you trust is our main character and she is along with you. She doesn’t know who to trust. She has no idea what’s going on. I loved living through her perspective. She was strong and intelligent. She has a big heart and I loved that about her. She’s very relatable. You ask the same questions she does and feel the same way she does. Just wonderful!

What more can I say? Come jump on the thrill-ride train and experience this book for yourself. Every character is interesting and every chapter ends with an “OH CRAP” moment. I dare you to put it down! 😉

I’m unsure if this will be a trilogy or series, but I’m grabbing book two as soon as it comes out! This book had a clear ending, but left me screaming with anticipation! If you’ve read it, DM me!! I’d love to have a spoilery convo!

I gave this book 4.5 stars. It would definitely be a 5 Star read if it wasn’t for that far fetched family tree thing. Until Next Time!!!

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