TWYMMF (Guest Sam from Sam’s Nonsense)

Hi! Welcome back to my The Way You Make Me Feel series! Todays guest is the phenomenal Sam from Sam’s Nonsense! I’m so excited!!! Thank you, Sam!

Just like my previous posts, I gave Sam 5 scenarios (things that I sometimes feel and maybe you do too!) and her answers are below. Hopefully we can help you! 🙂 This time though, Sam will also be posting her answers on her channel as well!! So please read the post and then go check out her channel for more detailed responses! Here we go….

1) You’ve just spent the last 3 months reading nothing by hyped books. Burn out has set in. Try this unique book to cool you down…

The Singular and Extraordinary Tale of Mirror & Goliath: A unique, rather creepy story in the Quentin Tarantino Style….I literally don’t know a more unique book! Even the typography is unique! Plus it’s a perfect halloween read!

2) Work was a complete drag and you need to get lost in another world. Check this out…

Hands down The Farseer Trilogy by Robin Hobb! (You knew it was coming) You’ll get lost in her fantastic characters and political intrigue and it’s all very exciting and at times a bit emotional and I love it to bits!

3) Are you seeking a book with epic twists and turns? If you want to be shocked, look no further than Sam’s pick…

The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins! Victorian Mystery at it’s finest!

4) Summer will be over before you know it and you need a nice cozy read. This book will be perfect…

Persuasion by Jane Austen. A quick, heartwarming little romance story…enough to give you the warm fuzzies!!

5) Your Booktube friends are so far away. You really need a great friendship book right about now. Here you go…

Hands down Anne of Green Gables! This book (and the whole series) Is very focused on friendship, love, and hope!

Hope you loved her book choices and don’t forget to go check out Sam’s Channel (link above) for a video response! Thanks again, Sam for being a guest! Next Friday we will hear from Kristin from WhatsKappening and then on Sept 2nd, we will hear from Sarah-Jane from TheBookLife and! Please don’t forget to check out my other Guest Posts from Michelle and Jody!! Until next time….


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