The Way You Make Me Feel (MichEllisLife)

So, I’m having my first guest on my blog! This is SO exciting!! Plus, its my amazing friend Michelle from MichEllisLife! So that makes it even more special!

Here’s how it works! If you saw my last post (same title) you saw that I choose books based on my emotions. So I created a post using some of those scenarios, hoping that you may also choose books the same way! If you feel sad, read this. If you’re lonely, read this…etc.

So today, the fabulous Michelle has agreed to answer 5 questions/scenerios of her own. Here’s what she had to say!

The Way You Make Me Feel (LetsBookAboutIt Guest MichellisLife)

First I want to say thanks for having me on your blog. I’m so glad you’re posting more lately and it’s an honor and a privilege to join you on this page.
Here are the questions you sent and my answers. Hope everyone finds something new to pick up.
1 Are u tired of your current genre and want to learn something new about someone else?

For this I recommend If I Was Your Girl. This is a debut novel, released this year by Meredith Russo.
If I Was Your Girl is a trans YA contemporary featuring a girl named Amanda who recently moved to a new town to escape her past and start over. I’ve been devouring LGBTQIA books lately because I feel like there is so much to learn about the queer community. I don’t like being ignorant of the world around me.

As for reading about a person from another country (outside of the USA) I recommend A Strangeness in My Mind by Orhan Pamuk. This book takes place in Istanbul during the years of 1970-2012. Though this story is fictional it takes the reader through the streets of Istanbul and shows us the culture and daily life there.

2. I’m tired of love triangles and tropes. I want to read something unique:

For this I would recommend either Unicorn Tracks by Julia Ember (if you’re looking for a stand alone) or the Mistborn series (if you’re looking for a longer commitment). Both have unique and interesting worlds and characters. They avoid modern tropes as well. Unicorn Tracks includes the intersectionality of both female characters and it’s great to see how that correlates to their decisions through the novel. Mistborn is action packed and has a unique magic system. Brandon Sanderson, the author of Mistborn, does a great job at making the action scenes, as well as the magic system, very understandable and easy to follow.

3 Feeling like you could bust the door down?

I personally don’t think I can read while I’m angry but if you want a book that will get your blood pumping I suggest the Sweet Evil trilogy. I’ve recommended this one a lot lately but I felt so many emotions while reading this series: sexual tension, anger, disgust, hatred, sympathy, empathy and lastly sadness.
4. Do you need to escape reality for a bit?

For this I suggest picking up the Saga graphic novel series. This series in an adult graphic novel series and does feature adult language as well as some graphic scenes. The story is styled as a space opera where Romeo and Juliette-like characters fight against their world while showing the reader the beauty in diversity. It is action packed and thought provoking. You will definitely be taken out of your world and forced to be on the run with these two amazing characters.

5 Someone did you wrong and you need a good cry?

There is one book I have in my repertoire that will 100%, without a doubt, make you cry. That book is A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness. I went into this story not knowing much about it. I suggest you do the same. Just be sure to grab your tissues and clean off your mascara before cracking open the pages.

Wasn’t she fantastic? Go check out her channel for great book recommendations/reviews/wrap-ups/hauls and more!

That’s all I have today from Michelle, but stay tuned for other fabulous guests weighing in on this topic! There will be a new special guest every Friday! If you would like to be a guest, send me a Tweet or DM over on Twitter. Love to have you!

Thanks for reading! Please feel free to comment down below or send me a Tweet!

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