I wanna be liked…

I want people to view my posts and enjoy them. I want my content to be genuine and conversational. I want to provide bookish and gaming information to those who didn’t know my info before. I want to make friends! I want tons of friends that I can chat with about whatever book I’m reading. I want them to be comfortable coming to me about books, or life, or anything!

In a dream world, I’d love to score some ARCs from my favorite authors. I want to read their book ASAP and I can recommend it to everyone I come across! Glorious!

I don’t want to be famous or on panels. I’d freeze up and get nervous. I just want that many friends or that many people who respect my opinions.

I’d love to read half as many books as people do in the Booktube world and NOT get incredibly burnt out.

I want people to be able to say how they feel without hurtful trolls tearing them apart. (I know, dream on!)

I want all my booktube friends to never doubt themselves or their content. I see it far too often and you are all so amazing that you never have anything to worry about.

I want to put out content on a regular schedule and actually be able to stick to it. I envy those who do.

I want to be noticed.

What do you want? Tweet (@LetsBookAboutIt), RT,  or Comment down below. I know that I WANT to know!

2 thoughts on “I wanna be liked…

  1. I send hugs.
    I want more time in my week to be able to film, edit, caption, and post 3 videos a week 😦
    Other than that I’m good. I love the subscribers I already have. I’ve also been granted wonderful opportunities to review some books and meet some wonderful authors.
    I know most of your wants will come true. I hope your motivation and optimism stay strong because your personality shines.

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