My Dream Team…

So I had this random idea…if I could construct the perfect character in a video game (Using existing video game characters) I would make them just like….(Think of it like a game! hehe)


I’d want my dream character to be as strong as Auron from Final Fantasy 10. The guys a tank!

As nimble as Ezio from Assassins Creed 2. That guy can make crazy jumps, dives off buildings and runs across ropes!! Heck Yeah! (Plus he speaks Italian…ohhh yeahh)

As witty as Raven from Tales of Vesperia. That dudes a smart ass!

As sexy as Balthier from Final Fantasy 12. If I have to look at him, he better be hot and steamy!

As smart as Shepard from Mass Effect. He puts things together and doesn’t take any sh*t.


As tough as Ashe from Final Fantasy 12. She’s my fave badass chick. She’s a princess and a healer and yet…Don’t mess with her!

As smart as Tifa from Final Fantasy 10. She kicks ass and knows what needs to get done!

Every girl needs a lil sass. As sassy as Morrigan from Dragon Age. She’ll cut you with her words! Ouch!

As sweet as Zelda, as in Legend of … She’s a princess and yet she’s not a push over. She’s kind and will do anything for her people. She’s the kinda ruler you want!

As pretty as …well…if I’m badass…I wanna look like Jack from Mass Effect 2. Damn, she’s amazing! If I’m gonna be sweet and demure I’d wanna look like Aerith (FF7) or Kairi (Kingdom Hearts).

This was just some random fun. Call it a Tag or don’t. How would you create a dream character? Make a post/video or tweet me/DM me/comment in the section below….Have a great day!

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