Where in the World is LetsBookAboutIt?

Hi all!! I’m back!! I thought I would write a lil something about where I’ve been and what’s been going on with me. So, if you missed me, here ya go! If you didn’t notice my absence, that hurts guys…it hurts ;P

First of all, my internet and computer had a secret conversation behind my back. They decided to mutiny and cause me much grief and heartache. Maybe they don’t like my content? Or maybe my content is just TOO good and they wanted to keep me to themselves 😉 Unsure.

So, Computer decided to pretend Internet wasn’t working, when it was indeed working. You can’t fool me! Computer also decided to team up with WordPress and not save my posts or let me link to peoples content. Stupid Computer. The worst culprit was Internet. Internet decided to call in sick and stop working for days or even WEEKS at a time. It would pop up and work during times of the day when I simply CANNOT create posts and then disappear during the times I could. Ugh! This got very frustrating. So I took time off.

Anyone who has walked away from something knows, it can be hard to come back. I lost my Oomph. I didn’t know what I wanted to say even if I COULD say something. All of the books I was reading (are still currently reading) have been well hyped and the reviews are everywhere. I didn’t need to be another voice saying, “BUY CINDER!” What’s a girl to do?

Then my bestest book buddy, Michelle from Michellislife made a video. It mentioned how I maybe…kinda…sorta…hadn’t posted in…MONTHS (plural!)! I needed to get my butt in gear. So, here I am. I just posted the Tag she tagged me in and now I’m going to try my best to think of new and fun content. I need this.

So, if you have any ideas for me…send them my way! Please keep in mind that Computer and Internet both suck and are still working against me. So, posts may be in clumps or few/far between. If the Tag requires too much from me, I may not be able to do it 😦 It’s not me….it’s THEM… Grrrrr

THANKS FOR READING!!! Love you all and I’ve missed you!!


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