RPG Gamer Tag (Original)

Hi!!! So, if you don’t know much about my previous Gaming history…here’s a brief lesson…

I played Mario Brothers and Tiny Toon Adventures on the original Nintendo. That was my knowledge of video games. Lol! Until, I met my hubby who told me games were now more than simple 8 or 16 bit characters ūüėõ Who knew? Certainly not me! He showed me Final Fantasy XII and I was in LOVE. I went to watch him play other Final Fantasy games, Kingdom Hearts, etc. Then, I threw my hat into the ring and jumped into Gears of War…cuz I’m badass….lmao no…more like because I had a death wish. I died. A lot. I mean…a lot. So¬†sad.¬†Yet, I overcame the fear of Maulers and OMG Berserkers (no, I lie…that fear is still very much with me) to somehow get better! Suddenly, I was an asset…Oh yeaaaah! My love of gaming has continued ever since…whether I’m watching or playing. So, I decided to create a Tag about video games and my fave genre…RPGs (Role Playing Games). Lets dive in!

  1. What was your first memorable gaming experience like? My neighbors had a Nintendo, but we didn’t. So I had to go to their house to play. I’d get as far as the Fish Level in Mario (Maaaybe Bowser) and I’d have to leave. Of course, the Nintendo didn’t allow you to save your game back then. So everyday after, was a repeat of the first. I never got past Bowser LOL
  2. So we know about the amnesiac main character, the princess who no one knows is a princess (seriously?), and the team member who totally betrays you (Whyyyyy??). What’s your favorite game plot line? Predictable or shocking. (Try to leave out spoilers by being vague or not naming the game) There’s a very well known game out there where Person One comes from a dream and he¬†doesn’t know it. Neither does his love interest. He disappears and¬†that whistle scene killed me. I’ll never forget it.
  3. Your characters go through many different locations in a well made RPG. What are your favorite locations? Wanna tell us why? I love Besaid in Final Fantasy 10. I feel like I could live there for the rest of my life and be happy. I also love Hyrule and want be friends with Link/Zelda hehe In old school games, I like dungeons like in Zelda games. Overall, I’d probably choose Traverse Town or Radiant Gardens from the Kingdom Hearts series because…Disney meets Final Fantasy!
  4. Half naked chicks in video games…seriously? What’s up with that? lol¬†Who are your favorite characters? (Can be from multiple games and can absolutely be a list) Balthier from Final Fantasy 12, Rikku from FF10, Moogles, Sora/Kairi/Donald/Goofy/Axel & the Nobodies from Kingdom Hearts 2, Alistair¬† and Oghren from Dragon Age, Karol and Rita from Tales of Vesperia, Gorons from Zelda games and Barrett from Final Fantasy 7…I like the comic relief and the cute ones lol As far as leaders, Shepard from Mass Effects, Ezio Auditore De Firenze (Yum!) from Assassins Creeds, Vaan from Final Fantasy 12, Yuna from Final Fantasy 10 and Cloud from Final Fantasy 7. Heck of a list!
  5. The leveling up system can be¬†wonderful or wicked. What are your favorite systems and your least favorite? My favorite system is the Gambit system in Final Fantasy 12. I know this got some slack, but I’m all about it. I knew what I needed my people to get done and I assigned them the tasks. It was a well oiled machine! On the other hand, Final Fantasy 10’s sphere grid sucked (in my opinion). It was too open ended and people had to collect sooo many points just to move around the board.¬†Luckily, when they made Final Fantasy 13…they got the sphere grid right…that’s the only thing they got right but yeah. ūüėõ
  6. A game that just didn’t make the mark. You hated it. To date, Final Fantasy 13 and Assassins Creed Rogue. FF13 looked beautiful and I had high hopes. The characters were WAY underdeveloped and¬† so I felt nothing for them. The linear storyline and inability to change characters…no thank you. AC: Rogue made no sense to me. For him to turn his back on his brothers, it needed to be a HUGE deal and¬†make sense. The BS they gave us, not believeable. One conversation and it could have been solved. Ridiculous.
  7. The boss fight that kicked the crap outta you was… As no shocker to a Final Fantasy Fan….Sephiroth is the man! Not only is one fight bad enough, but multiple incarnations with no save….WTF?!?
  8. The one thing you love about RPGs and the one thing you don’t love. I love well developed characters and getting pulled into their world. I love getting lost in it and wanting to help them save the day. I don’t love games that require A TON of level grinding. This wasn’t an issue before becoming a mom, but now….I don’t have the time and yet I still wanna finish a great game.

That’s all! I like to keep things short! I hope you love this and want to try it! If you are too busy to do a full video or blog post, please¬†tweet or DM me some answers! I’d love to hear what you have to say!! Please feel free to leave comments below, if you’d like!

PS. I noticed I chose a lot of Final Fantasy games lol They are my favorites, but not the only thing I play! Just FYI if you want to chat about other RPGs.



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