Literary Laughs Tag

Hey everyone!! This is my very first tag creation!!! I’m going to be doing a kick ass one with Michelle at MichellisLife, later on this week, but this one is all mine. lol

I just wanted to make a short, fun tag. I wanted to laugh a little. I think we all need a giggle every now and again. So, I created this tag as a way to be silly and fun. No seriousness required! Now, onto my questions!!

  1. Think back to one of your favorite book series (or just one book is totally fine!) and name the character that made you laugh the most? My Answer: I have 2! Janet Evanovich’s Grandma Mazur from her Stephanie Plum books and Laurien Berenson’s Aunt Peg from her Melanie Travis series. Grandma Mazur is a teenager stuck inside and grandma’s body. She’s hysterical and says the most shocking things! Aunt Peg is sassy and such a busy body. She gets Mel into so much trouble and you can’t be mad at her because you’re too busy laughing!
  2. Name a book setting/storyline that you found down right laughable. Just plain old ridiculous. Maybe you DNF’d this book or never even picked it up. My Answer: The Heist by Janet Evanovich. I made the mistake of picking this bad boy up, because it was by one of my fave authors. What a joke. The plot was unbelievably predictable. Elements were so unrealistic. I managed to finish it, but would never recommend it. Sorry! So Harsh!!! lol
  3. Name an author who makes you laugh!! Whether that be on Social Media or in person. Have a short story to tell? My Answer: Patrick Rothfuss. Whenever he tweets out some completely random comment, I am sure to read it. I laugh every time at  his random ramblings. Fantastic! I also enjoy Michelle’s Beth Revis interview. If you haven’t checked it out, you should. I had no idea how funny she was! Lots of giggles!
  4. That leads me to…Who do you share your bookish laughs with? This can be a list or just one person. My Answer: It’s obviously my Booktube Bestie, Michelle!! I also share many laughs with my Blogging Buddy, Jody! I find MANY booktubers/bloggers to be quite funny, but when I need to share a funny fact or story, these are the ladies I turn to! Michelle’s rants are my favorite videos of all time! LMAO! Jody calling me out on Blue Lily, Lily Blue….I’m still laughing at that Castle gif!!!
  5. Lastly, what is your (or a friends) funniest reaction to a book or book-turned-film? It can be a positive reaction or a very negative one! lol My Answer: I think I have 2. When I finished this one book, so traumatized I can’t even remember which book, I remember literally throwing the book across the room! I was soooo angry at the ending! I am always so overprotective of my books, but this one had me so angry that it went sailing across the room and smacked into a dresser. My hubby heard the bang and came into the room thinkin something was wrong. Ohhh I’ll tell you whats wrong, THE ENDING!!! Grrrrr!! lol The second one is when I’m alone and watching a movie that’s based on a book I love. I get sooo angry at all of the changes they make. Who doesn’t, right??? So I yell at the screen…”Noooooo you left out the whole part where….” “NOOOO that’s NOT what happened!!!!” At least I do it when I’m alone, right??? lol

Ok! Hope you had some giggles!! Please boost my self-esteem and pass this on to as many people as you can! I wanna read lots of funny blogs and see lots of funny videos!!! I know you can do it!!

I tag…. Michelle @michellislife, Jody @onegirlwhoreads, Kristin @WhatsKappening, Jen @combustible_rev, Sam @ThoughtsOnTomes, Samantha @novelsandnonsen, Trina @bwtnchapters, Aly @alyjoshaver, Meagan @MeaganPrecourt, Marines @mynameismarines, Sarah Jane from @booklifeSJ and last but not least Heather from @pinkzebrareads. Ok, I need to stop myself now…hehe

As I said, this is my first tag creation. So please excuse my Tag if you are very busy or I skipped some little Tag protocol. lol I know you are all wonderful people who make me laugh on a daily basis. So I picked YOU!! Spread the giggles everyone!!

8 thoughts on “Literary Laughs Tag

  1. Ooooh, this looks so fun!! I’m going to have to have a good think about some of the questions, but there are some I know instantly.

    I don’t think I could throw a book regardless of how atrocious it is. :’D But I giggled at your reaction.

    Liked by 1 person

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