I had a thought…

Hey Friends!! So, I’ve been toying with some thoughts lately. I’m not even sure how to correctly blog them, BUT after a week…still no “correct” way to do it. So I’m going to just let it all out and see what your thoughts and feelings are! Sound good?

Ok, so my thoughts started swimming after watching a wonderful video over at Raul’s channel Latin Lector YA, Booktube and Group Thinking. It was a great video and he pointed out how people recommending a book or people commenting negatively about a book, really affected how he felt about said book. This registered with me, because I have found that if I’m reading a book or about to read a book…and I go on Booktube…and I see a negative review…I will start to critique that book while I’m reading. Normally, I wouldn’t even noticed these “flaws” but now they are all I think about. Raul seemed to notice this as well. I never even took note of it, until his video.

That said, Six of Crows was a VERY hyped book. I picked it up and was very excited. If you’ve seen my review, you’d know I wasn’t thrilled the first 160 something pages. I ended up enjoying it, but if it wasn’t for the hype…I might have put that one down and never finished. That would have been disappointing now that I know how it all turned out.

Booktube has been such an asset to me. I love books like Harry Potter, Fablehaven and Percy Jackson. None of my friends share that interest. Coming to Booktube, I feel like one of the group. I’m with my fellow book lovers and I thrive here. That said, it is a group and Group Think is a reality. Thank you Trina from Between Chapters. Your Why is YA so popular on BookTube? video really made me think. I’m not as concerned with YA being so prevalent on Booktube, that doesn’t bother me, but what you said about Group Think did move me.

I kinda took a step back and evaluated my book choices and changes that I’ve made since joining Booktube. These are things that I noticed. This is JUST ME..I’m not mad or accusing anyone. I’m not saying this is everyone…just me.

First of all, I have bought quite a few books (some I loved, some I haven’t read yet) because of Booktube. I purchased them because they came with high praise and sounded like perfect selections for myself. I wasn’t disappointed…at least not yet lol Another reason I bought them….because I’m a newbie(ish). I wanted to make Bookish friends (I’ve made some WONDERFUL ones!!!) and I wanted to chat about those books with people who have read them. (Trina mentions this in her video, I believe). Turns out, I’m mostly on the tail end of a hyped book and  most people are over them. Minus Raven Boys….guuuush. I love you Michelle and Jody!!! hehe

Second, because of buying all these books…I stopped reading the books I would pick out. I noticed on Twitter there was a tweet going around asking who you are most likely to take a recommendation from (something like that)…I wouldn’t be chosen, because I’m only reading what others are reading. That made me sad. I felt more disappointed in myself, than left out. Thanks to all these conversations, I’ve looked at my reading habits harder and I’m glad that I did. I need to read for me and not to gain a common bond. If people enjoy what I’m reading, great. If they don’t, I still have great booktube friends.

Lastly, I think I jumped too quickly into Read-a-thons and Buddy Reads. I think I burned myself out. It was a FANTASTIC experience and truly a lot of fun…but in the end…I was super burned out. I still haven’t finished Dream Thieves and I really like the book. I think the pressure of reading a book in a certain time frame is just too much for me. (Or maybe it’s that I did them all back to back) I’m a slow reader. This leads me into Jody’s blog post When Life Catches Up To You. I thought this was raw and real. I related so whole heartedly. I love to game with my family. I loved tv lol Books don’t always come first for me. It’s my “me” time, but I don’t always GET “me” time. lol Sometimes…I just like Animal Crossing: New Leaf!!!

I’m NOT bashing Booktube. I’m so thankful to have Booktube and all it’s many channels in my life. I love the inspiration and creativity. I love the laughs and giggles. I’m just evaluating how I’ve been….operating and how I’d like to grow. Maybe this is a common newbie problem? I know Kristin from WhatsKappening had mentioned that newbies sometimes wanna buy EVERY book they see and it’s not always the wisest decision. I’ve done good on that front, but I have changed my habits as listed above.

So…what does this mean for me? I have no idea lol I’m still gonna blog. I’m still gonna watch Booktube videos with a smile on my face. I’m still going to read endless blogs, not unlike this one lol! I don’t even know if this all sums it up entirely/correctly.

In summary, I think I will be posting a book recs post soon (Soon=Right after this one if I can lol) and it will list books that I HAVEN’T seen on booktube. It’s a start right? It’s time for me to soak up the wonders of Booktube and yet still be…me. 🙂 Love you all!!!

10 thoughts on “I had a thought…

  1. I had similar problems when I started with Booktube as well. I’ve learned to only do buddy reads with books that I own. I don’t go out of my way to participate in read-a-thons or buddy reads any more.
    I hope that you will talk about more of the books that you like.

    When I started I was sucked into the common popular books tht it seemed everyone was reading. I only recently started only picking up books I knew that I would love myself. I learned that I love diverse books with LGBT characters as well as literary fiction. I still love YA but now I know that I need YA with something that is out of the ordinary. I need YA that’s been taken to the next level.

    I like how you compiled all of these videos and posts that have been posted lately. They all have been so good and I can see how you came to these thoughts.

    Great post. I look forward to seeing more recs from you in the future.

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    1. Thaaaaanks!!! Its nice to know its not just me!

      I think my biggest issue with myself was buying books just to…fit in. Or be included. I wanted to be able to chat about what everyone else was chatting about. I DID choose all books that i would love and did end up loving. But I think I need to pull back on buying hyped books. Or at least not buying them right away. Eventually. Ya know? Thanks for reading!!


  2. Great blog post. I’ve been doing a bit of re-evaluating myself. Before I was introduced to BookTube, I would never read a hyped book (unless there was a movie coming out I was interested in) or start a series that wasn’t mostly out. We’ll I’ve done both in the last year. I also found that I’ve been picking up books that I probably wouldn’t have if I had not heard about it from a video. The plus side to this is that I’ve been reading a lot more and more diversely than before, but the down side is that I’m not enjoying the things I read as much as I did before. I’ve decided to make a conscious effort to go back to reading the types of books I enjoyed before BookTube and try not to be easily swayed by recommendations from people I watch. I’ll still add a book recommended in a video to my TBR if it sounds interesting, but I’m not going to jump on it right away as I have been recently. I look forward to your book recommendation posts!


    1. Yes!! Thats it exactly!! I completely agree! I’m also going to take notes about books that sound good, but not be as quick to buy! They shouldn’t always jump to the top of my list! Well said!! Thank u and thanks for reading!!


  3. I love that you brought up the idea of liking a book in order to be able to discuss it with another reader and make a connection. I think that’s very insightful and honest and something I wish more BookTubers would acknowledge that they do.


    1. Thank u!!! I just wanted to speak my truth. I do only choose books that fall inside my wheel house, but I rush reading it so I can chat about it with someone else. I read Uprooted because someone recommended it and it sounded wonderful. That person said they’d love to discuss it with others. So, I grabbed it up right away. I loved it so much..I cant even tell u! But then that person never really chatted with me about it. So i was like…hmmm who can I talk to about this amazing book??


  4. The thing about reading hyped books is that when you’re in the BookTube and book blogging community there’s a new one every week or two weeks that is all over and it thrives for a bit and then a new one comes out. Everyone is so focused on the new books that come out. I’ve learned I have to be pickier with the hyped books because of this. Also to diversify my reading I’m trying to make a dent in books I own and have been sitting on my shelves for over a year. I’ve realized a lot of people have read them, but no reviews have been posted for a while 🙂


    1. Thank u!! Thats fantastic advice!! I am going to avoid most hyped books unless they are from an author I love or they have special meaning to me. I think that will help. I am also reading the books I already have. So that should help too. Thank u for your comment!!😊


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