Booktuber Meet & Greet

I wasn’t sure exactly how I wanted to word this post. I have found, as a newer booktuber, that the community in general is very kind. You are very welcoming! I joined Twitter and started Tweeting my lil heart out! I’ve made plenty of Booktube friends (there’s always room for more…tweet me at random 😉 )

Though, as a newer booktuber, I think it’s hard to know where to begin. HOW do you make new friends? Insert yourself into preexisting circles? It’s tricky! I don’t want to make this a “how to be a booktuber” blog post though, because quite frankly…I’m not qualified. Plus, my computer hates me and my channel has met it’s untimely death. Goodbye Videos!  *sniff sniff*

I DO want to introduce you to some people who may be NEW to YOU!! Some of these people ARE new to booktube. Some of these people have been around far longer than I, but I don’t think they have quite the recognition they deserve! With less than 1,000 subscribers….each one of these people has been kind to me and I want to pay it forward!

On that note…Let the Meet & Greet Begin!! I’m going to give you their Channel Name, their Twitter handle and THEN I’m going to give you a video I personally recommend. This may be the first video that I saw or it may hold some special value to me. I’ve tried to include video variety incase you are AWESOME and actually view them all!

PinkZebraReads (@pinkzebrareads) Friday Reads 2/19/16 Her name is Heather and she has been such a kind soul! She’s very friendly. Extremely helpful. Always sweet! I look forward to anything she has to say! Heather and I are mostly Twitter friends (follow her!) but I’ve recommended a great video for you. This really shows off who she is! Cute. Fun. Friendly!

LatinLector (@LatinLector) Raul is amazing. He’s fun and informative. He’s been very kind to me when we cross paths on twitter or the comment section. He has a lot of great things to say. I recommend this video January 2016 Wrap Up in particular because he also filmed it in Spanish!!! Fantastic, right?? I love it!

Stefan’s Books (@SCharalampou) is new to Booktube. He only has 3 videos so far. He’s the sweetest person I’ve met. I was searching for a new set of Harry Potter books and Stefan had a great collection. Not only did he recommend them…he gave me the link to the site I could find them, he filmed a video with them and DM’d me the exactly spot in his video where I could see them!!! Isn’t that the sweetest??? I watched the ENTIRE video…here it is February 2016 Book Haul!

TamikaUploaded (@TamikaUploaded) is fiery and sassy and I love her! She’s been great on Twitter and her videos are a lot of fun!! Here’s the one that I love…  HOUSE IDENTITY CRISIS! The Sorting Hat Quiz

Akossiwa K (@akossket) focus’ on Middle Grade books. Who doesn’t need a lil Middle Grade Lit in their life? She’s been very nice to me on Twitter and I enjoy talking to her. She films Book Hauls and Reviews. She also does this Nom Yum Chill vlog. They are totally random and I like watching them. So random lol Here’s a review for a series that I wanna pick up. It’s a tiny bit spoilery, but I think that’s because she tried to review each book in a series. That’s tricky! THE EIGHTH DAY Series (middle grade fiction)

The Secret Stacks (@TheSecretStacks) RJ is very soft spoken, but extremely fun to watch. This video cracked me up!! Bottoms Up For the St Patrick’s Day Tag He’s also a Zelda fan! 🙂

TwoPaperGirls (@Laura’s LauraJayne_C Amy’s Amy_H_23) Gosh these ladies are fun!! They are very sweet and funny!! Here’s my newest and fave video Top 5 Fictional Items

Bookish Realm (@Bookish Realm) Ashley is super sweet and fun. I want you all to check her out!!! I liked what she had to say on this topic. So I picked this one!  Her Reading Diversely Video

ShaeGeeksOut (@shaegeeksout) She is awesome. She’s boisterous and bubbly. She’s very fun to watch! I enjoy most of the books she likes! Bonus points! March Recommendations 2016: Standalones

Last, but CERTAINLY not least, AliBabaDeBooks (@alibabadebooks) I adore her! I have no idea why she doesn’t have thousands of subscribers yet! She’s energetic and entertaining. She’s informative and fun. Check out 100 Subscribers Q&A! to get to know her!

So, that’s my list for now. Again, many of these booktubers have been around a lot longer than me. I just talk to them, love what they have to say, and want to support them in any way I can!

I’m hoping to continue this “series” if it becomes one. I plan on doing a Blogger Version next weekend! Shout out to @AshleyEpidemic. She’ll be next time!!


PS Technology is going CRAAAZY in my place today! So I apologize if any links don’t work. Today, I’m not counting on anything going right! lol This is also why I haven’t included direct links to everyones Twitter pages. Sorry!!


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