T5W: Fictional Items I Want

This was created by the amazing Lainey at gingerreadslainey over on Booktube!

Ok, so besides Harry Potter, I couldn’t really think of too many book items that I would want. I want VIDEO GAME items!

  1. Double Clawshot from Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess! I don’t know exactly how to describe it/them. You can use them to get from one place to the next, in the air, and really quickly. OHHH YEAAAAH!!
  2. I want a KEYBLADE from Kingdom Hearts. It doesn’t even matter which blade, I just NEED a blade! I wanna fight Heartless, while traversing the Disney Worlds in the process. Livin the dream…..
  3. I want a Moogle from the Final Fantasy series. Are they an item? I’m counting them as one. Gosh, they are so cute and helpful! KUPO!!
  4. I want Materia from Final Fantasy 7!!!! I want Bahamut and I want healing/fire magic!! Woo HOO I’d be unstoppable!
  5. I want the Rose from Beauty & The Beast or Mary Poppin’s bag. I just can’t decide.

Short & Sweet!!! This was SO much fun!!! Please comment below and let me know what items you’d want!! Or send me a tweet on Twitter @LetsbookAboutit 🙂



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