Let’s Debate: Zelda Edition

So, I’ve decided to add a new Game feature to my site! Occasionally, I will write a blog about a random video game series! We can discuss which game of the series is the BEST!

My Zelda Background: I didn’t really have one. lol I never grew up playing the games. I had heard of them, but never saw them. I didn’t know anything about them. When my husband and I started dating, he introduced me to each one. Here are my thoughts!

So, the original Zelda for the Nintendo is arguably the BEST game in the series. It’s the game that started it all and it’s charming lil sprites really sell the game. I greatly enjoy the top down dungeons. You can see each enemy clearly and solve each puzzle effectively. Finding all of the hidden hearts/items in this game…so fantastic! I enjoy popping that game in with my hubby at the controls. I’m the brains. He’s the brawn. We pump out Zelda’s for breakfast! lol

Next, hmmm I think I’ll go with Wind Waker. I ADORE the graphics in Wind Waker. It’s playful and works well for the cartoony environment. The story is fun and who doesn’t love Pirates?!?! I adore each of the dungeons. They are unique and yet stick with the basic formula (Deku Tree, etc). My favorite feature of this game..is our GIANT map! It came with our strategy guide. It marks all of the hearts/items/everything involved in this game. You figure out what you need to collect, consult the coordinates on the map, and sail away! Perfection! This has become my Lil Ones fave Zelda as well. The graphics are very kid friendly and not too scary!

Side Note: My hubby and I actually played Phantom Hourglass on our honeymoon! LMAO! We are THOSE people. We had an 8 hour bus ride, so we passed the time hunched over a lil DS! That game is one of my faves!

I don’t know if I can decide between Ocarina and Twilight Princess next. Now, I know hardcore fans will probably pick Ocarina (or u picked it FIRST). You see, I didn’t experience Ocarina the way others did. I didn’t go from little sprites to OMG Ocarina. We just played them one by one in any order. I found the storyline of Ocarina to be quite interesting. Ocarina’s Gannondorf is probably my favorite version. My husband and I got lost (in a good way) for HOURS trying to collect all of the hearts, plant the seeds, and find the bottles in this game. I LOVED it! I think it was the biggest highlight of the game for me. Some of the hearts/items CAN be achieved when Link is small, if you know how. Thanks to zeldadungeon.net, we found them! LOVE you guys! It gave us a leg up and we blew through the dungeons after that! Excellent game.

I enjoy the story/characters of Twilight Princess the most. At first, I HATED Link being a wolf. I just…hated it. I wanted Epona and her speed. The wolf just wasn’t fast enough and couldn’t do everything Link could. I wanted his items back! The second playthrough, I learned to love it. I loved Midna. Is she good? Is she bad? I loved the dark vs light. I loved Zelda’s storyline. The dungeons were very unique and difficult in a good way. This HD version that came out, I’m freakin out about! I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

Lastly, but still holding a dear spot in my heart is Skyward Sword! I LOVED this game. I loved the prequel aspect of the storyline. I loved how it all tied together in the end. I loved Link/Zelda’s relationship. The dungeons were my very favorite. You had to revisit areas later in the game, but the dungeons were always soooo very different/exciting! Graphically, its AMAZING. I loved this game!!! Now, that said…that annoying villain who’s name I don’t even care to remember…how LAME was he? The boss fight at the end of the game…WTF was that?! The “Big Bad” in this game, sucked. I also didn’t enjoy the giant blocks that you had to go find. Annoying. Lastly, the sky dungeon was a pain in the ass and that was AFTER we saught help online…still a pain in the ass. My hubby was at the controls and he still hates the Wii Remote controls for this game. Had to mention that. OHH and I liked the potion creation in this game! That was amazing! LOL!

Link to the Past and Zelda II are also wonderful games that we have played. I loved the storyline behind Zelda II and the story/graphics in Link to the Past.

This is my mish mosh ramble. Any thoughts? Please be kind. We may all be Zelda fans, but we are all entitled to our own opinions!


3 thoughts on “Let’s Debate: Zelda Edition

  1. I’ve only ever played Ocarina of Time but I love it, I would play it over and over if I still had a 64 or a Wii. My husband loves the original Nintendo one, I’ve never been good at the old school games so I don’t enjoy it as much. My text message ringtone is Navi saying “Hey Listen” from Ocarina though lol

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