“BookTuber” Shout Outs

So, because I don’t have an active BookTube channel anymore…I couldn’t participate in BookTuber Shout Outs. This makes me sad …see –> 😦 Sad Face.

I want to bring attention to the booktubers AND bloggers I have been gravitating towards. Now, I think that anyone who is brave enough and excited enough to put Book Content out into this world should be praised/noted. As the wise, Sam from ThoughtsOnTomes pointed out, it’s not about HOW to put yourself out there…it’s that you do it! (I summarized :P)

These are the channels and blogs that I keep my eye closest on. I love all videos/blogs that I can get my hands on, but there’s only so much time in a day. So…here we go!

I guess I should start with Sam from ThoughtsOnTomes. She brought me into this community and there really are no words to thank her. I’m a (not by choice) stay at home mom. All my friends work during the day and none of them read all of the books that I read. It can be…lonely. It’s definitely hard to share how I feel about a YA book when my friend says, “Yeahhh I don’t read YA…that’s for my daughter”. She didn’t mean it to come out that way. It just did and I felt a lil embarrassed. Sam made me feel welcome. She made me feel like reading YA is ok and I don’t have to feel…bad. She opened my eyes to all these book videos and opinions. I had no idea Booktube existed!! Now Booktube is my Happy Place. My “Me” Time. I laugh and share my thoughts with people like Sam. I just can’t thank her enough. Thanks Sam! She’s kind and strong. She tries to see the best in a book and she shares very informative opinions. I don’t feel she is biased and I enjoy that. She says, “This is what I liked or didn’t like” but never judges you for feeling differently. She embraces those differences. What an amazing person, right? I’m SURE you know her and her videos, but I needed to thank the person who brought me here first and foremost.

Next, is Michelle from Michellislife!! She’s my first Booktuber friend! She’s a mommy just like me and I adore her! She welcomed me in so quickly and made me feel at ease. When we first “met” she was posting endless videos for Vlogmas. It was awesome! She had so many creative ideas and her videos just got better and better. I think she’s a pro! She reads many different kinds of books. I enjoy the variety and she’s fun to watch! She gives great reasons to like or dislike a book. Overall, she’s an amazing person and without her…I’d be –> 😦 Also, she got me to read Raven Boys and it’s my new FAVE book!! 🙂 Please subscribe and follow her on twitter! @michellislife

Next is Kristin at WhatsKappening! I love her videos! She’s so friendly and inviting! She’s also extremely informative. I honestly learn a lot watching her videos. She gives pro’s and con’s for each book and is very thoughtful about what she says. I like her explanations and I think I can relate to her reading style. If she’s recommending, I’m taking notes! She’s super friendly on twitter and a very nice person. I always look for new videos!

Up next, Samantha from NovelsandNonsense! She’s SO VERY entertaining. She makes me laugh so hard. She’s got the best sense of humor and her videos reflect that. The openings to her videos alone, make me crack up laughing! She’s also very informative. She’s very articulate and well spoken. I learn a lot from her videos as well. I look forward to her Friday Reads videos…and quite frankly anything she puts out there. She’s another one that I keep a notepad close by! lol Oh! I also love her Monthly Recommendations videos! She recs all kinds of things. From jewelry to books to bookmarks…amazing! Grab a notebook!

Then, there’s Connor O’Brien! This guy is a super human reader. If I finish a long freakin book and I’m super proud of myself…I shouldn’t watch a Connor Video LOL…cuz he’s finished 20! The guy is IMPRESSIVE! He reads amazing books too. He’s extremely entertaining to watch. I don’t know how to describe him. It’s like he doesn’t take anything too seriously and yet somehow still manages to be professional. Does that do him any justice? I laugh through his videos, and yet I learn a lot. I’m always watching his videos on the computer and have Goodreads up on my phone. I’m looking up the 10,000 books he read that week! lol He’s offered me great selections and he’s always so very kind. I really enjoy him! Check him out, if you haven’t already!

Next, Jo from ThatOneGirlWhoReads.wordpress.com! She’s so kind and generous! She helped me out when I started this blog and was a complete mess. Without her, there would be no blog. I enjoy her reviews. She gives a synopsis and then her thoughts on a book. She’s very to the point and explains a books weaknesses and strengths very well. I trust her advice and she also helped lead me to Raven Boys…Guuuuush! I highly recommend her blog. It’s easy to navigate and full of some great stuff! Check out her 25 Bookish Things blog!! Twitter @onegirlwhoreads

Lastly, Jen from Combustiblereviews.com! Jen really helped me with my blog. I was stressed and clueless and she saved the day! She’s fun and a Ravenclaw like myself! She’s been a great friend on Twitter (@Combustible_rev) and she has excellent thoughts on her blog. I enjoy her reviews (both book and film) and put a lot of time into reading them! Please check them out! She also does this thing at the end of her reviews “Was it worth the read? Would I re-read? Would I read this Author again?” Then she rates the book. I love that feature!

Special Mention to Bookish Thoughts from booksandstrips.wordpress.com. I am new to her page, but she is an amazing person. She also helped me in GREAT detail with my blog! She even stayed up late at night to do it! I can’t thank her enough! Please check out her page and follow her at @MyBookJacket

Ok, this post is very long. I talk too much! I’m gonna save the rest for another time! These are my picks this weekend and I hope you give them all a good look!

13 thoughts on ““BookTuber” Shout Outs

  1. Thanks so much for your kind words. I completely agree with you the bookish community is so amazing. I’ve never ‘met’ a bad person. I think I follow most of these people, but those that I’m not I need to follow IMMEDIATELY!! \o/

    Never be ashamed if your reading choices. I read The BFG the other day and I’m 24. I have to wonder if your friend has ever tried YA. Some of them are so mind blowing.

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    1. I totally agree. They wouldn’t be made into movies if they weren’t anazing. Then again there have been some really bad movies. My husband used to make fun of me for reading YA and middle grade as well. I’ve gotten him to read several since then and he loves them now. He says they are more fun to read than the boring the history/ war books he read before.

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      1. I got my 81 year old Dad to read a YA and while he prefers other genres and wouldn’t likely read this genre much, he still tried and enjoyed the one he read.

        One of my favourite books was made into a film and it is THE worst book to movie adaption I’ve ever seen. The names were the same and that was it.

        I don’t know why they bothered to waste money buying the rights to make the movie.

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    2. Thank u so much!! You are right! I dont think she has. Its been a long term struggle for me because I feel like people dont always understand YA and even Middle Grade can be for everyone.

      Maybe Ill do a post and kinda see what others feel.

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      1. The people who say that are the ones who’ve never tried the book and are therefore not allowed an opinion.

        There are certain genres that aren’t to my tastes, but that doesn’t mean I look down on people who read them.

        In fact, I follow book blogger who love the genres that I’m not a fan of because it encourages discussions. (Which I love.)

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  2. Booktube is my favorite get away too. I’m really bad and watch several episodes each morning with my daughter before we start the day. She hates booktube lol. I’m so glad that you found an outlet through here youtube. We moms have to have some time when we can escape.

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    1. Thank u!! Yes, we do!! Its “adult” time. I’m always talking to a child all day lol I need adult convos and adult opinions. My hubby isnt a reader, so hes kinda useless there. Though, he does now know the Fever Series by heart😳


  3. YA was somethin I never read either (mainly because of twilight, not because I think it’s only for youngsters) but Jen introduced me to A Monster Calls and I randomly read ADSOM because of the awesome cover and I fell in love. Never be ashamed of what you read. (Like Jen says). I still read the Enid Blytons I used to read as a child and I’m quite thrilled about it.
    Thanks for the Shoutout! And I’m glad to have helped. Your blog looks white great.

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