25 Bookish Things About Me

So, Michelle at the Booktube Channel, MichellisLife, recommended I try this fun Tag and here I am! So lets begin…

  1. I once bought a book for a younger family member and proof-read the book to make sure it was appropriate. Then, I fell in love and bought the whole series for MYSELF! (Fablehaven, I love you)
  2. I get bored really easily. If a book isn’t grabbing me by my shirt and pulling me through…I’ll put it down and possibly never come back. It’s sad, but true.
  3. I read Island of the Blue Dolphins as a kid. I would play in my backyard and pretend I was on an island, eating outta shells. hehe
  4. My favorite author was always Dean Koontz, but then his books changed and I’ve lost interest. I’d still recommend Door To December and Fear Nothing. Those were amazing!
  5. I’m a HUGE fan of Laurien Berenson’s Melanie Travis Series. They are mystery books that involve poodles/other dogs, dog shows and hijinks! You learn of funny things that happen in Melanie’s everyday life and yet someone always dies in the dog world! Dun dun duhhhh 🙂
  6. I don’t have an ereader. I prefer the tangibility of books. The smell of books. I just can’t convert.
  7. I prefer paperback. I think paperback books should be released the same time as hardback. Hardback’s don’t fit into my purse!
  8. I put books in my purse…often. Don’t leave home without one! 😉
  9. My goal is to find a book that reminds me of  Final Fantasy storylines. They are epic and touch my heart. I wanna get lost in a world like Ivalice.
  10. I’m super jealous of Jo from ThatOneGirlWhoReads’ blog. Her husband got her roses made of book pages. Check out her page!! You’ll see!! Mine are wooden…
  11. If I see a movie first, I can’t read the book. The suspense is ruined and I get bored.
  12. My favorite Chick Lit book is Sophie Kinsella’s Remember Me? It was witty and the characters were amazing. I basically knew the ending, but it was done well. Super cute summer read!
  13. I prefer cardboard/thick paper bookmarks. Laminated! No, bells. No whistles. No dangly stuff. Just a simple, beautiful bookmark.
  14. I bought 2 bookmarks on my honeymoon. I got them laminated and lost one. I’m so upset about it! So, now I only have 1 bookmark to my name.
  15. Booktube is my happy place. I log on and get lost in videos, blogs, tweets. I laugh out loud and furiously type my thoughts with people I consider as Bookish Friends. I think besides being happy with my Lil One, it’s my happiest place. Is that sad??? lol
  16. My husband doesn’t read. He read a Castle (yes, like the tv show) book once. It was 100 and something pages. He said it was long, but he liked it. Long…*eye roll* LOL
  17. The longest book I ever read was probably either a Harry Potter book or Outlander by Diana Galbadon. Somewhere around 700-800 pages, maybe more.
  18. My computer randomly decides I’m not connected to the internet and kicks me offline. I lose everything I’m doing. Not sure if that’s bookish, but it relates!
  19. I order my bookshelves by starting with favorite books first and working my way down.
  20. My favorite series of all time is the Karen Marie Moning Fever Series (or Harry Potter lol). The Fever series is the ONLY series I’ve ever read more than once to completion.
  21. When moving to my current house, I lost most of my Harry Potter books. They are gone. I’m seriously heartbroken. I am now seeking a pretty special collectors edition, so I can pass them down to Lil One.
  22. I took a Speed Reading class in High School so I could get outta gym and art. Both of which I’m horrible at.
  23. Funny enough, I don’t read quickly now. I’m capable, but I usually only get a few minutes here and there in a day.
  24. I will put down a good book for a great video game with my hubby. Fatal flaw!
  25. I’m OCD about my books. I don’t even like to open them too wide because it makes that crease…you know the one 😉

So, that’s all for now folks! Hope you enjoyed my 25 bookish facts and I didn’t bore you to tears! lol Come on back for more posts soon!


5 thoughts on “25 Bookish Things About Me

  1. Number 7! Yes! It annoys me when they release the hardbacks first they just want more monies!! D:<

    And number 9 would be so cool. Have they not wrote any? They sometimes novelize game series. I know they did Final fantasy spirits within, but it isn't much like the games so it doesn't count.

    I love the little metallic bookmarks that you clip to the page. I collect other ones, but never use them. Great post!


  2. I’m so sorry. I hadn’t noticed that you wrote more blog entries. I love this tag. It was so much fun making it and reading yours and Jody’s posts. E readers are so great though because you can find great deals. I usually buy the copy for my shelves after reading the ebook.


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