Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

Let’s start off this review by mentioning a few key bits of information.

Leigh Bardugo first wrote The Grisha Trilogy, then created Six of Crows. I cannot tell you anything about the trilogy, because I did not read it. I heard mixed reviews about it on BookTube and it didn’t really appeal to me. I point out the trilogy, because Six of Crows takes place in the same world. So, of course, you think to yourself…Do I need to read the trilogy first? You clearly did not. To this, I answer with my review…

I was told via BookTubers, that I did not need to read the trilogy. I may miss out on some key terms, but I would pick them up quickly. So, I got the book and settled down for Rainbowthon (please ask if seeking more info).

I started off the first chapter and was a bit perplexed by the terms. I believe it was the authors reasonable assumption that you would read her trilogy first. I was able to make my way through and the plot was quite interesting. I kept going chapter by chapter and I definitely started to love the characters. Yet, each time I read a term or location, I second guessed whether I should have known this already. I have since learned, via a kind BookTuber who read the trilogy, that all this info WAS indeed NEW. Yet, I was dumb enough not to ask her until 1/2 way through the book. Nice one! This is why I point it out now for you! It took me forever to get through the first 160 pages, because of my need to reread/commit to memory.

Overall, the characters were my favorite part of this book. They are a group of rag tag thieves and their goal is to pull off the ultimate heist. For me, it was a combo of video game RPG characters…meets Ocean’s Eleven. Their heist is full of twists and turns you never know what’s going to happen even when you think you do.

Back to the characters! Kaz is the leader and I really couldn’t stand him at first, but it all changed for me when I learned his back story. You see, Leigh Bardugo slowly weaves back stories into the book. Down to the last 3/4 of the book I was still learning fun tidbits! It was fantastic! You never feel like you are lost in terms of character development, but you keep learning more as the tale goes on. I loved how she did it. I wish I could explain it better.

So in the end, I gave Six of Crows a solid 4 out of 5 stars. I fell madly in love with the cast of characters and want to befriend them all. I enjoyed the overall twists and turns of the heist. The terms were tricky at first, but once I relaxed and understood where the story was taking me, I was in love.

Please let me know how you enjoyed this book or if this review made you want to read it!



4 thoughts on “Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

  1. This sounds like a solid book to grab. I love heist stories. Have you heard of The Badass Librarians Of Timbuktu? That’s another heist story that’s being raved about (don’t know if it is released yet though)


  2. I haven’t read the Grisha trilogy either, but a lot of people have been telling me to skip it or read Six of Crows first. I’m still not entirely sold on any of her books, but that’s mostly because I’m really picking about fantasy. I understand what you mean about feeling a little lost in the beginning. That’s why I think if I do read this one, I’d want to read the original trilogy first. I feel like I’d have a better understanding of the world and any original vocabulary.

    Great review. 🙂


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