Lets Talk Games

So, I can remember going over to a neighbors house to play Mario Bros when I was a kid. Unfortunately, I only made it to the fish level or just past it and then it was time to go home. If you remember, the “fun” part about Mario Bros was that you COULDN’T SAVE! Ugh! So, each day I’d get past those fish and “Time to GO!” I never came close to beating that game.

Years later, I’m dating my gamer bf (now husband). He teaches me about all kinds of games. I thought they were cute. Fun. Like Mario. He could have his fun. Little did I know, games like Final Fantasy 12 existed!

My hubby puts FFXII in and my whole world changed! What a BEAUTIFUL game! The opening cinema alone was magical! It looked like a movie! I had no idea video games could look like movies! The story was so epic!

Side Note: FFXII Story…The Princess marries the Prince. Beautiful Opening Cinema. They come to the castle and then all heck breaks loose. War is closing in on the Princess’ city. Her father and her new husband have to go sign a treaty to end the fighting. When there, they are ambushed. A man, believed to be the Kings Right-Hand-Man, kills the king and the young Prince. That’s just the very beginning! The betrayal, the surprises, it’s epic!

I was in charge of the strategy guide. I gave the “commands” and my hubby did all the heavy lifting. We beat the game and we enjoyed every second of it. What a rush!

Now, I’m still his “wing girl”. I jokingly say, “I’m the brains. He’s the brawn.” That’s how we navigate all RPGs!

We play Metal Gears, Mass Effects, Dragon Ages, God of War, you name it. RPGs are always my favorite. Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy taking the lead.

What kinds of games do you like? Please leave me kind comments below!


2 thoughts on “Lets Talk Games

  1. I love Dragon Age, I hope they bring out a new one soon. I also just got The Elder Scrolls for my xbox, this is the first time playing one of those so I’m excited. My husband plays a lot of final fantasy, he’s really looking forward to the Final Fantasy VII reboot they’re making 😍


    1. Dragon Age is amazing. We still need Inquisition, but we are excited to get it. I LOVE skyrim! That game was beautiful and the story was a lot of fun. I havent played Oblivion yet. Thats on our To Do list. My husbands beat that a few times, just without me lol Yes! Im SUPER excited for the new FFVII too!!! That game is one of my all time faves and seeing it in beautiful graphics…hehe cant wait!

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